you guys ever do this?


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you guys ever do this?

got the kids new bikes for xmas, several 20 inch bikes left over from last year, wanna make me a trike out of the frames/pieces. is it worth it, or just call the local church for a pickup?
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Worth it in what sense? Can be a lot of fun, but it won't pay much. You can make custom low riders, and sell them at auto shows - lotta money for good work and attention to detail (but they're not tricycles). As long as they're not tricycles, you can build cycle powered machines, like generators for TV sets so the kids can exercise while they watch (only option). Or tandem bikes, or stretch limo bikes. If you can build it, the kids can think it.

Is fun worth it?
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Worth it?

Well I guess!

What else can you do as an enjoyable hobby and have it cost next to nothing.
And what about the pride in creating something usefull from junk?

Hey! What about a recumbant bike?

<img src="">
Image credit:Rich Helms
Recumbant info
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since i will probably have more fun designing and building it than riding it, i am going to try it, worst that can happen is that the metal scrap man gets a bonus!!
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In a past issue of a welding magazine I remember reading of a fellow who took old bikes and custom built them into something that handicapped kids could use. Seems llike a great way to "recycle".
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Your kids should build it , not you. My nephews had me do the welding part, but they did the entire cutting and basic layout design. Of course I gave my two cents, which was toss out as not the way to go. ( they assume as a kid I never did this) Their first version was not well thought out and the seat had to be mounted over the rear tire, which caused the front tire not to stay on the ground while trying to pedal. They found a smaller front tire to fix that problem. I looked at as at least they are learning something from their mistakes. The second version was a little better. The kids are happy that they made something new. They made all kinds of mistakes and I did not say a word, just welded it. They need to learn the hard way or they won't remember the next time.
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Experience is the hardest teacher because you have to take the test before you receive the lesson.
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Actually, I've been trying to brainstorm ideas for a pedal powered 4-wheel car for my niece for almost a year now in my spare time. I did a search for information a while back. There's actually pedal car interest, but it's mostly people who build and race them and they don't want to share their secrets. I found a few crumby pictures, and looked at the library and at some automotive books, to try and come up with a simple design.

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Binford - you said everything that I would have said. Having a grown-up around for advice and safety instruction is all our children need. They need to build things! They need this desperately.

We're deep into an age of sissies who don't want to do anything or get their hands dirty.

I have done this with my son and daughter, and now with a grandson. They really enjoyed it all the way and learned some valuable lessons. I made myself a promise to offer advice ONLY when it is requested during these build-it-yourself times with the kids. It's very hard to do sometimes but the rewards are many.

By the way, my two kids did not grow to be mechanics or maintenence people (both are noble and fine vocations). They both have a college education now but more importantly they have a CAN DO attitude just like the mechanics and maintenence folks.
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Go for it hvac4u, my cousin has done a few custom bikes and they turned out alright. And you'll be amazed how the kids will want to dump their brand new bikes for the one made from their old ones. LOL. Good LUck and have fun
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upside down bicycle

hvac4u...when I was a kid there was this family in my neighborhood who were into racing, had tools, materials, welding machines at their disposal. I remember this bike they put together, it was so tall they had to climb a ladder to get on it. It put me in mind of a circus act. Anyway, the interesting thing is they took a regular bike frame, put the forks in the neck upside down, put the pedal crank in from the opposite side, flipped the frame over upside down, then mounted all the parts (wheels, neck, handelbars, etc) as you normally would. They welded a bar to mount the seat right to the frame, right where the pedal crank mounts. Also the neck was extended to a comfortable position. Forty years later and I can still remember this contraption! It made an impression!
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