Building a shop! Framing material?


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Lightbulb Building a shop! Framing material?

Hey guys i have been thinking about how i wanted my shop built,my shed is just to darn small to work around things.

Anyway i got to thinking angle iron is cheap and with lumber prices so high why not make it out of angle iron.Figuring it would be plenty strong enough.Might even set the center of the trusses on top of an I-Beam that my chain host could roll on.Setting the I-Beam on 2 post, one inside and one ten ft or so out side for rolling things in and out.
What do you think?
What size would you use ? 1-1/2inch 3/16ths 1/4inch or 2inch 3/16ths or 1/4inch Keeping in mind i want to keep the cost down as much as possible in order to make it as large as possible. I usually have the 20ft sticks cut in half to haul easier so i cant say i remember how much flex they have at that length.
Depending on the cost id like it to be 20X30 with metal siding and roofing.Im thinking 2inch would be easier to hit with screws when putting on the tin.and 3/16 should be plenty stiff enough? And easier for self tapping screws to cut threw.

Im in TN so snow load will not be a problem also seldom see winds over 50mph.
Wondering how bad it might wobble/twist/shake under high winds? Think i may have to brace the corners? I wouldn't think it would blow away but i am wondering if it might tear the holes bigger in the tin,causeing leaks.Consider what other metal building and car ports are made out of around here i don't foresee any problems really.

Any thought on this? Think of it without the I-Beam over head first! Ill have to price that piece,im thinking it may have to stand on its own for a little while before i add that piece in!
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I don't think so.

The first thing you will need to take into account is that what you want to build, no matter where you live, will need to meet a building code.
Even if you are hidden in the woods somewhere you still need to have this engineered.

Perhaps a simple car port doesn't look like much, but their apparant simplicity uses engineering to minimize material and maximize strength.

If you take a carefull look at a commercial metal building, you will have some idea what sort of material it takes to span a 20' space and be physically as big as you want.
In other words, the steel you are buying will be based on a per pound price, even if they are charging you by the foot.
Once you realize the number of pounds of steel you will need, wood may not be such a bad deal.

I personally am looking to put up something just a bit bigger than yours for not too much money.
A tip for you is to look around and there are occasions where existing commercial metal buildings are available for a really good price.
These things come apart like a large Mechano set and can easily be reassembled.

I've heard of several around here that would suit me, but I am never in the right place at the right time.
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(Edited i made a boboo in cost) Me and a buddy worked up how many ft it would take to frame out a 10X20 on 24 inch centers.It was running around $527 bucks.I don't think i can frame with wood for that.$1237 for 20x20 $1750 for 20X30
This just rough calculation could be off by more of less $100.I didn't take out studs that would be in door ways.Nor add for additional bracing.Or butt welds i may not want to make sence i figured the lenght by running ft.

As for building codes as far as i no here we only have to get a permit to build no one even comes out to look at it.They don't care to much about res. sheds or shops they just want to no you built one so they can raise your property taxes. .

But if i frame it like a regular wood framed shed it would be fine wouldn't it.They used to use 2x4s here for a span that wide 20ft.Id think the angle iron much stronger and lighter than 2x4s after there tied together into the same kind of rafter trusses?

I really want opinions here.So any one who thinks it will or will not work please let me no.

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Metal Buildings

I have built 4 sheds/barns/shops on my place in the past 10 years. One 20 x 60 x 12 High Shed roof. 0ne 25 x 50 x 10H A-roof, One 20 x 40 x 12H shed roof. and a 25 x 40 x 14H A roof. I choose metal because of low maintenance. They were cheaper than wood, but here in TX, I had to spray insulation on the walls and ceiling. My tools were rusting faster inside than outside. Water would form on the metal walls on humid days. You only need 1/4 inch or so. I don't think you would be satified with angle iron.
I used purlin. 2x4 on the walls 2x6 on the roof. I welded all these but one. I had just had back surgery and was not up to welding. So I riveted and bolted that one together. They are all on concrete slabs, that my wife and I mixed and poured ourselves. By the time you buy enough angle to make it strong enough it will more than the purlin. Metal prices of purlin hasn't jumped up as much as angle iron. just my 2 cents.
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The steel I have bought this year is about 65% higher than the same steel last year. So I hope you are using current prices in your estimates.

I built my pole barn with some 20', 4" pipe left over from a contractor's job, and they cost me about $10 each. I used Square tubing instead of angle, for other supporting steel, because it is much stronger.

I did not insulate inside, so it rains inside every morning this time of year. Will have to spray in insulation, soon
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