Hobart or Lincoln?


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Hobart or Lincoln?

Thanks to the great advice I've rec'd from many of you, I've narrowed my choice down to the Hobart Handler 180 or the Lincoln SP175T (not the plus). The Milllermatic 175 is a little out of my price range.

So the BIG question is which is "better." Or is that like asking the Ford/Chevy quesiton? It's all very confusing!!!

And if it's the Ford/Chevy thing, what should I use to separate them? Duty cycle? Warranty? ..... Help!

Thanks in advance.

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I think that if you are choosing between machines that are so close in quality and price, the differences are really academic.
I would go by duty cycle as an important point but you may want to compare such things as controls, dealer service or even the way the gun is constructed.

Maybe you could also check out why the Miller is more money and something like a much higher duty cycle could put it in the running.

Quality aside, the choice of Miller for me is an easy one to make because of the availability of parts in a rural area.
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You're comparring Spartan Apples to Red Delicious Apples. They are both sweet, crispy and satisfying to eat. It really comes down to which apple YOU like better. Those machines are so similar, I'd grab the gun and turn some dials and get a feel for whether I want the crunch skin of the Red Delicious, or the sweet meat of the Spartan.
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Thanks again!

Thanks to all for your help once again. I decided to purchase the Hobart machine. For anyone facing the same dilema, here's why I chose it:

- Similar duty cycle to the LE and I believe has some Miller parts (Hobart is now owned by Miller).

- Best price of the three! I found it for $559 at BRwelder.com if you're looking.

- The Hobart comes with a spool of flux-core and is ready to weld from the box. LE doesn't.

- I plan to use it in my garage and it won't get a "lot" of use. Spending another ?? for the LE (or Miller for that matter) didn't seem practical to me.

- Just a note - the Hobart machine will run on 220V/20A but needs 30A to run at it's full amperage output (I spoke with Hobart tech service on this one). I would suspect the others are the same. Not a big issue, if you have 220V service it's just as simple to run 20A service (12ga wire) as it is to run 30 (10ga wire). The unit ships with a NEMA 5 (?) 50A plug according to the tech guy.
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