Help with burn through


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Help with burn through

Can anyone give me some advice on controlling burning through while welding. Here's my situation:

- 1" square tube stock (.076" wall thickness)
- .030 flux core wire
- lowest voltage setting and a wire feed speed of between 15 and 20 on my Hobart 180.

I've tried lowering the wire feed speed but I get breaks in the arc at much below 15.

Any advice?

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Couple of things come to mind. One is hand speed. On thinner metals you have to git and go. If you pause, you burn through. You may also be "long-arcing" the wire which produces more heat. Make sure you keep your wire at the same distance from the work. When I flux-core I hold my nozzle straight into the metal I am welding. (not pushing the puddle or dragging it.
Good luck. Hope this helps some.
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How long have you had this welder?


A couple of things.

If this welder is new to you I would start with the recommendations on speed and voltage that came with the machine and maybe turn the speed down slightly if you are already having problems.
Depending on the type of joint a more exadurated U shaped pattern where you increase speed slightly at the bottom of the U which should be the joint.

Also, would you be doing this outdoors in a wind perhaps.

Let us know your experience on this machine.
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Thank you both for your comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer newby questions.

I'm following the recommended speed/voltage for the welder. Hobart recommended settings of 1 and 20. I tried lowering it to about 15 but as I mentioned, somewhere between 10 and 15 it gets "spotty." No wind, I'm doing it just inside the garage.

I was concerned that traveling too fast wouldn't give me adequate penetration but it sounds like that's not an issue. I hadn't realized it but I think I'm doing what you referred to as long arcing. As I get closer to the end of the weld, I'm tipping the gun back more. I'll try and stay consistent with the distance/arc, and try holding the gun perpendicular (sp?) to the work instead of at an angle.

Would these same problems explain my splattery welds?
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With fluxcore it seems that angling the nozzle causes more splatter. With bare wire I hold an angle and push my puddle but not with fluxcore. Practice makes perfect....or at least better LOL. Good luck.
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