How Difficult is this to make?

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Talking How Difficult is this to make?

Hello Everyone,

I don't know much about metalwork but would like to make a part for a microphone. I'd like to get an idea how much it would cost to have this part made? Would it be fairly easy?

Here is the part (it's about 1 & 1/2in. tall)
Mic Capsule
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What a darned coincidence!

Welcome haroldnixon,

Just last night my son had the owner of a small mic mfr in my home city drop off two of his new creations.
Link: Kel Audio Design

I told my son and maybe this would be helpfull to you that I had come across mic components, including windscreens and barrels in an electronics catalogue.
Im sure this fellow doesn't make these parts himself.

As far as you making them, no it is not easy to do yourself if you don't have a machine shop.
And, I know the cost of microphones and if you had to pay a pay a machinist it would take a very special mic that would be worth more than his services.

What exactly is the story here?
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Talking Even More Of A Coincidence !!!

First off... thanks for your reply

I just visited the Kel Audio web site lastnight for the first time. That was the first I'd heard of him What a coincidence ! I found his site while searching for OEM dealers for mic parts.

My story:
I've been into audio production/recording since I was about 16 I just turned 23 in September. Lately my interest has been turning to electronics and DIY stuff. I started hanging out on a DIY audio gear forum learning about mics, pres, etc. I decided to try to build some mics but the problem is getting bodies for them. You either have to buy cheap mics($50-$200) to take apart, buy expensive ($850-$1200) reproduction bodies, or build them yourself. I don't mind to put some money out for a body because I'll be using good stuff in the mic. I figure if I have to pay $200 for a mic that I don't like- just to take apart, what would it cost for something I could have custom built. I've tried to find Chinese companies like Felio to buy OEM but they only sell in bulk. I was wanting to find the best option for me to build some Homemade Mics. I'd love to know about any catalogs or suppliers that sell that kind of stuff. I'm not going into production or anything (I don't think ) but I want my stuff to look Slick

I'd appreciate any info you can provide i.e. catalog
Harold Nixon
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