Flux Mig technique question


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Flux Mig technique question

Trying to learn the proper way to weld using a Mig with 9 mm flux wire. I just bought my welder and started welding scrap pieces together. Ive read most the posts in this forum, but cant find any info on what angle to hold the electrode wire at when starting the arc. Once an arc is started, what angle do I use to weld, and what motion do I use? Ive read to keep the motion smooth and steady, Zig Zag, and use a circeular motion. Have lots of scrap to practice on......trying to get it right.....

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Hi Wrecker,

I have a Hobart 135 in which I use flux-cored wire (0.030) here is an example of what I did;

The setting was Tap 4 and Wire 40 on 1/4" material. I made no side to side motion or zig-zagging. Just kept my eye on the weld puddle and moved slowly. Basically; when you establish the weld puddle you 'pull' or 'drag' the puddle slightly in the direction you are welding in. Your finished weld should look fairly uniform.

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You need to experiment with your particular welder and wire. Pull the puddle, and err on the side of low angle, not steep angle. Practice until you find what works best for your combination. I use small circular motion, and get quite good looking welds.

Pay attention to wind, it can kill the shielding effect of the flux core. Also, don't weld with too much gap between the gun nozzle and the metal.
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I do small oval type motion with a slight forward whip with each circle. But there are about 7000 different ways to do it and get a good weld. I try to say between the angle the guy in picture is using and 45 Degrees


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gun angle

Do you push or pull the weld puddle when you weld? Some like to pull the weld but as a rule miller say 0-15 degree's. I myself make W's or small s's when I weld .

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