Welding chrome plated steel.

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Question Welding chrome plated steel to nickel plated alloy steel? Help

I would like to weld a chrome or zinc plated steel collar to the end of a pair of heat treated nickel plated alloy steel vise grip pliers. I need the weld to be strong and corrosion resistant just like the plated parts. We have a regular Miller mig welder. Can this machine be used to do this? What kind of wire would I need? Also, if I used a 303 stainless steel collar, could I weld that to the plated vise grips? and what would I use for a corrosion resistant weld?

Any other relevant advice would be welcome!


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hope this can help

your welder is more than enough to weld something like this. zinc or chrome simply burns off as fumes when in a weld puddle. that is the simple answer.

here is the more complex one. i went to irwin's homepage and looked at what a vise grip is made out of and they really don't say much with their answer. a heat treated alloy can be a number a of steels. whenever a heat treated steel is heated up to even low temperatures (500 F) the hardness is taken out of them. that is why a chisel that is getting sharpened should never turn yellow and should always be dunked in water ever couple of seconds.

stainless and other kinds of steels don't really like to be welded together. if not using the right type of filler metal (wire) they seem to crack. i would try and avoid stainless in this situation if possible.

in the manufacturing plant that i work in we use vise grips for the jigs we use all the time. often times these vise grips are cut and welded in ways that will make the jig work. ask irwin if they should be cut and welded and they will say no. ask me and i will say i have seen it done alot.

as far as the corrosion resistance goes, paint would be the only thing i could think of for you. as mentioned above the zinc will burn off and leave the metal exposed. sorry i am not much help there.

so anyways i would say go ahead and try it. don't use the stainless and paint it afterwards. another option you have is check out all the different types of vise grips made. everybody knows of the basic one which i think you are trying to modify. but they also make alot more. i will include pictures of ones that i think might help you.


i wouldn't have a problem cutting off what you don't need.

post ya later.

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I always grind off the chrome plating before welding (don't like what's in the smoke). There are some good stainless steel paints that can offer a lot of corrosion protection.
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I have used a Eutectrode (trade mark) 680 AC-DC rod it state on the box the following.

Joining and coating all steels including carbon, spring, tool, high alloy and dissimilar alloy steels for quality welding on pressure vessels, salt water pipe lines, dies, tools and other similar parts.

It list some other things but I have personaly used it for welding broken stainless hip joints on my artificial legs, joining stainless to mild steel where the leather belt was sewn over and to weld angle iron to a cast drop truck axle for a homemade farm trailer. Not one of the welds failed and I used a AC welder at about 100 amps. These rods are very easy to use. They are a light blue color.

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