thermadyne dragster 80 arc welder

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thermadyne dragster 80 arc welder

hey whats up, new here, looks to be a good site. i had a question, i was reading a sticky, how to pick a welder...some advice for people looking by red light, the second sticky down. i saw he had written down that the dragster 80 arc welder was pretty so i decided to look it up as i am looking for something the exact same thing. the low 10 amps up to 80amps is perfect for what i need. i want to weld some sheetmetal on my car and i need a welder that goes lower than 30 amps. my dad has a miller ac/dc and it just blows holes through the 18 gauge metal. does anybody know if the dragster 80 welder is anygood. thanks
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Post welcome, welding on extremely thin metal

hey welcome to the forum. yeah there are some field smart people here. lets get r done huh??

when it comes to working exclusively on light gauge metals, a wire welding machine (constant voltage power source) is preferred. most people will weld a little bit and then let it cool down. im talking maybe an inch or less. also warping is a problem with thin metal. i think you are talking about a car body and not something like a floorboard. i sure hope that cars do not have 18 ga floorboards but i guess i really don't know. its kind of scary if you think about it.

not that a stick machine can't be used but it is a lot harder to do. if you are going to use a stick machine you are going to have to find the smallest electrodes available. to go down to even 30 amps you are going to have to use electrodes below 3/32 of a inch. i have never used something this small.

if you do have a stick welding machine already the one option you do have if you do not want to use stick or buy another machine (wire), you could look into getting some kind of generic tig welding torch. i have tig welded below 10 amps. because stick and tig welding use the same kind of power source (constant current power source) this is a very do-able option for you.

so in general to your last question of your post. is the dragster any good?? yes it is, i have used my neighbors and it is a good general use machine. enough for the hobby welder. it is also one of the cheaper good ones. does it have draw backs?? sure, everything does. the question that you need answered is what can i use for my project. i would say a wire welder (solid wire would be my preference, the other option is flux cored) with a small wire diameter would be best suited to you for this project. if a wire welding machine is not an option for you then i would say try stick with some small electrodes and only weld for a little bit and then let it cool. the fault in blowing through on the metal is not in your dad's machine, it is in the process you are using and for how long you are welding, possibly also the size of the electrodes.

i personally have used this welder on very thin metal (22 ga) using solid .023 wire.

hope that helps. post ya later.


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