which welder Again


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which welder Again

Hi All. I've got a place in Hawaii off the grid with a 2400watt inverter which will power up a small mig. I've got tons of light guage mig experience (auto body) and am familiar with using my craftsman 230a buzz box with stick. I have a large dozer over there and need to (of course) make on site repairs (welding). What I have done recently is use my buddies 5500 watt generac cheapo genset to power the stick buzz box which doesn't get enough power (i over rev it to get the stick to arc). I have a weldpak 100 here (ca.) but although it probably would do better welds (with flux core) than the buzz box instead of bringing it over I am thinking getting a bigger (say 10kw) gen set to power up the buzz box. Another problem is it seems even on HELCO (hawaiin power provider) electricity (used @ the neighbors) the old 35-235A craftsmen doesn't really light up the old 7018 1/8th in rods very well. Do old ac buzz box welders die out? I took it apart and its a large heavy transformer with an adjustable field piece (gives amp range). Would a ac/dc used 250 A be a better tool for the huge (most things are 1" thick on the dozer)? I know a trailer job would be best but unafordable I pressume. jeff
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To run any kind of welder that will do what you want, a 50 amp 240 volt circuit is required.
This is why field welding is usually done with a gas powered unit.

If this type of welder is not affordable then maybe it would be economical to hire someone.
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50 amps at 240 volts = 12000 watts.
If you run your welder at full power its going to pull about 12000 watts from the wall plug.
I'm surprised you did not burn up your buddies generator.
Most if not all buzz box Transformers work or don't work or burn up.
You can get a lose connection that will give you a problem.

If your extension cord is to long and or the wire gauge is small your going to reduce the power to your welder.

The 7018 and 6011 rods require a higher voltage to keep an arc going.
If you have a low side tap on the welder that may be better for the 7018 rod.

seeing that your not giving your welder full power try the 6013 rods.
The 6013 and 7014 rods work with lower voltage.
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Thanks for reminding me. When I use'd the HELCO power it was thru a Dryer plug which is 30A not 50A. That may be why it burned pretty good but not great. The ground line heated up far more than the rod line making me think its too small a guage wire or clamp wasn't grounded well enough (I take a grinder to the weld and ground areas where I can. I want to thank you gwiz and GregH for the replies, very helpfull, I'll try changing rods- jeff
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