Buglar Bars


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Buglar Bars

I was thinking of doing some side jobs welding and installing burglar bars. Do you guys have any tips for making these? Anything I should know about? Installing tricks like what type of bolts to use such as anti-removable or something along those lines. Should I mount then directly to the brick or some other way?
Thanks in advance.
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I have made several of these, but just for my own properties, not others. I have built them out of 1" square tubing (for the bars) welded to 1"X1/4" barstock which is bolted to the window frame. I have mostly installed these in frame buildings and used carriage bolts driven in from the outside, and then I tack weld the nut on the inside, so it is pretty secure.

Have not tried to mount on the outside or to brick or stone, but I think tack welding the anchor bolts will serve the purpose.

Let's face it, if they want to get in they will bring a hack saw, Jaws of life (or some other hydraulics), cutting torch, or explosives.

Good luck,
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I recently replaced my store window. To do so, I had to have the burglar bars removed. They were installed on the outside of the window into cinder block very much like described in the previous post. The bolts were tack welded.
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Who carries the insurance for the site that gets broken into with your bars?

A cinch strap and a big truck or winch is all that is needed to pull them off unless the install is top notch.

Things like portable plasma cutters, scissors style car jacks, cordless grinders and bandsaws and plain old Freon are less drastic measures to get in.

Bars for rooftop installations I have installed have been constructed of 1 inch steel rod welded on 6 inch centers. Pieces going the other direction have been 5 inches long welded between the other members, so the whole assembly is one inch thick.
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If your plans are to build these for some friends or the average home owner, then I would get fancy with the design, and take into consideration fire escapes. If there is a bedroom in the basement, then one of the windows should be accessible as a fire escape. So the bars need to open up somehow by the residents and not by the "visitors".

As for the truck or portable plasma cutters... Well anything can be broken into. But I think the majority of cases, bars are deterrents. If you are looking at doing this as a security co. then I think the liability points posted are valid...
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