mig or tig? practicality and quality


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mig or tig? practicality and quality

well i have been considering a few high powered welders. the lincoln tig 185 and there mig 255. i like a lot of what im reading about tig and am leaning that way. i worry with a really basic shop that the tig would be cumbersom to operate since its a two handed op and i dont have much other than a vise and c clamps for secureing my materials. mig makes it oh so nice having that extra hand but i wonder if its not as good when compared to a tig. i just want to make sure i come away with a welder that will suit my needs from here till im old and grey please lend your opinions and exp!!!

finally am i just getting all excited here over tig when i can do just fine with a high end mig welder.

id like to weld aluminum and stainless steal along with quality steal(bike tubing).

anyways thats all for now i await everyones 2 cents
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It is possible to do aluminum and stainless MIG welding and it is quite a bit faster as well as being easier to learn.

Go get a MIG that is aluminum-capable.
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I don't have a TIG nor can I afford/justify one. TIG will do much nicer welds but that increases the costs of those welds. I'm not sure what your needs are... MIG is versatile at a reasonable cost. You can get really fancy MIGs that have some nifty features for welding aluminum. If you are looking at doing more stuff that will be part of the presentation, then I'd go TIG. Also, TIG will allow you to do much finer work on sheet metals and small parts. But MIG will be MUCH quicker on larger pieces and structural elements.

In welding, I'm learning that base models are often not good enough. So I'd rather go with a really good MIG then a low-end TIG. That's just my opinion of course... But if you've got the money, buy both!
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good info
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For nice clean work I would go with the TIG. I have a MIG with a spool gun for aluminum and find it's quite difficult to get clean welds on thinner material. I also don't have a ton of experience with aluminum. I am looking into a TIG unit myself for aluminum and stainless and the MIG for steel. I know in drag racing now, TIG is the accepted method for frames and structural welding on tube chassis. I guess it depends on what your needs are. I know with my limited welding experience, a TIG is going to use up a lot of supplies before I am good at it, my MIG makes le look like a pro. I have seen, too, that a good brand can make a huge difference in your welds. It's worth the little extra to get a well known name.
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I have been welding in my trade for some 16 years now and in my humble opinion you should go with a CC/CV unit this will give you the ability to do both mig , tig and even stick if you wanted.Good luck Mike
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