carbon fiber paintball triggers


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carbon fiber paintball triggers

hey there, need a little help on finding materials and planning the production of a carbon fiber paintball gun trigger business.

what i know i want to do is:

first, go to a cnc mill and design a trigger blank with CAD, have the mill cut it out of aluminum and modify the design until it fits flush and smoothly with the gun (havent found/decided on a local place with a cnc mill yet, but will work on that on my own), then cut the same blanks out of carbon fibre..

then, in my home workshop, use my scroll saw to cut custom trigger shapes and sand and file it all until its nice and pretty, then sell it.

what i need help with at this current time is carbon fiber. i dont know exactly how to create carbon fiber sheets for what i want... i dont know where i can buy the carbon fiber or the process i would have to follow mixing the resin and everything there. if anyone can help me with such tasks in planning this i would be grateful.
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Why do you want to make a carbon fiber trigger? There will be almost no weight savings vs aluminum and you will have a hard time producing a part that looks good (glossy with the carbon fabric pattern...).

To find materials like carbon fiber & resin do some internet searches for those materials. Carbon fiber has been used for many years in homebuilt (experimental) aircraft and there are lots of books and videos on how to use the material. I would start by looking at Aircraft Spruce. They sell many different types of fiberglass, carbon & kevlar in addition to resins and vacuum systems.
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there actually are a few people making carbon fiber triggers for guns called matrixes as of now, and they are backed up on orders. add in some roller bearings and/or magnet modifications and these things roll. these guns are semi-automatic, so the faster you pull the trigger the faster they shoot. plus, every little bit counts as they reach speeds of 15-17+ and capable of up to 21 shots per second.

but anyways, thanks ill try looking around
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Not sure how complicated the part is, but you might try to make a mold as close to the final shape as possible to layup the precut CF pieces in the mold, so the cured part would require minimal machining/finishing.
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i considered making a mold, but then realized that making a mold as precise as it would have to be would be way too much work or cost too much. so im just going to CAD out a design and get it CNC milled to the shapes of the blanks, then hand make the rest
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