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Am just getting into Welding and have been paying attention to the rare occasion when I see someone welding on a television show.

While watching an episode of Orange County Chopper the other day they had a few guys welding on there over the hour. Half the time it seemed like they were not using anything other than safety glasses (clear or yellow) while they welded. I know I have often seen Paulie (the son) use his Miller BWE but I thought for certain these guys were doing some quick welds without proper eye protection.

am wondering if perhaps I misunderstood what was happening. Has anyone else seen this?
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I know a lot of welders that think their eyes are stronger than steel. A good example are those that use a cutting torch with no eye protection. Many welders using MIG tack-up by holding their hand over the place they are going to tack and then just give a quick squeeze on the trigger. Eventually it takes it's toll. I have watched the show and noticed the same things as you have. Not proper procedure but interesting on TV.
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As Dragon has said, do not use shows like that as a learning tool. They skip some very obvious safety measures. I have welded a few times (tacking only) with the close the eyes, turn the head and protect with gloved hand routine. Its not smart, its not safe and it does cause problems with your vision. Nothing teaches you better then seeing nothing but bright spots when trying to see after you do this.

I've worked with a few pro welders, the one lived in his helmet. I swear he ate lunch with it on.

I also worked around some morons. Like the guy who was burning a 1 or 2 thousand gal galv water tank out of a boiler room. He started cutting that crap with 6 other people working in the area. He didnt wear a respirator for the whole job and neither did the guy helping him. We bailed out like someone yelled fire.

Depending what job you have, young and stupid becomes older and ..
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Always wear your helmet and leathers
I had a guy welding aluminum one afternoon, I was in and out of the area, inspecting his work and supervising the job, I didnt wear any protection, and I never once looked at the pretty blue light
Later that night I found myself in the emergency room with my eyes swollen shut....when I forced my eyes open water would actually squirt from my eyelids.
Nuff said...wear your PPE!
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Like everyone else said, wear your safety gear. Eg; Welding: helmet with correct lense number for the job, safety glasses under your helmet, leather gloves and jacket, steel toe boots.

There are 2 people in my shop who think they are made of steel, constantly welding without gloves and tacking without their helmet down and both have auto-sensing helmets...tell me how that makes sense. Oh, btw, we weld aluminum all day, they dont wear filters either.

Without eyes or a mind, you can't weld. Don't take any chances.

As for OCC, its not informative and the fake family issues got tired after the first season.

End of speech

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