Combo Gas/Arc cart Q?


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Combo Gas/Arc cart Q?

I want to make a cart for my oxygen acetylene torch (aka Blue wrench) and my arc welder. Since I find they are used 90 % time together having them together would be good for me. So I'm thinking about building a combo Welder / Torch cart. The welder is a Lincoln 225 AC/DC buzz box, and I'm using the 75 & 80 cu. ft. bottles.

Is that a bad idea?

I know there is a spark-flammable gas issue, but I already have this stuff together. The welder and the torch are always as far away as my 25 foot hoses or 10-12 foot cables let me be before the sparks start anyway. So basically there is no change on equipment vs weld/spark source.

I have been using this equipment as 'fixed' in my small work area. But as other stuff moves into my work area, I feel doing all my welding outside of the garage door would be safer. Plus if I should need to weld on a vehicle, my cables and hoses are to short anyway. So it's time my welders become mobile, so do I need one or two carts?

By building a combo cart it takes up less room when not in use. Makes it only one thing I need to roll out to use and I can also keep my limited number of welding tools on one cart and have them handy.

I have never seen a combo cart, have you? Maybe thats because there is a problem I'm not thinking about.

I'm hoping for replays to do with safety. I ratchet-strapped my bottles and the welder to my handtruck, and the weight seems manageable and safe to move around.

Any ideas?

BTW, I did a search, but didn't see anything like this Q. If I didn't see a past posting, please let me know I'd like to read it. Also this is my first post after joinding today. I have been lurking a few welding sites, but I'm no expert about welding in a group of welders, so not sure how much I can offer. I've been welding for many years, but it not my job, I do weld at work sometimes and have SMAW cert., but mainly it's just a hobbie.

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Here are two concerns: brakes and tipover.
Certainly many MIG systems have had a bottle holder for shielding gas as a standard configuration, so putting a bottle on a cart is not THAT unusual. However, it's a single bottle and it is typically inert gas.

Consider most cutting torch bottle racks. The cart is designed such that the wheels are off the ground when the cart is upright. They only contact the ground when the cart is tilted for transport. The inherent braking system and stability of the bottles secured to the cart are part of the design.

If you put fuel and oxygen tanks on a cart that is free to move, nothing prevents the tanks from rolling due to gravity or an accidental nudge. I would have a safety concern on that point. Buying some extra siamese hose would be a safer alternative.
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Thank IBM for the reply and input. Plus I love the Red Green quote. I've been telling my wife that every since Red said it.

I got my cart done today.

I'd post a pic, but don't see how. If anyone wants one, let me know and I'll email it.

Basicly my cart is just like the gas cart we have all seen. Two wheels in the hand truck fashion. I think it also more stable, since the bottles have a 100lb welder holding everything down. With both the bottles about 2 ft tell, there is very little weight up high, except the small toolbox with welding ideas in it.

BTW. Is the New Red Green show still on? What channel?

Thanks again

Also, just because my cart is done, PLEASE feel free to point out any short-coming or dangers you may think of.

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