Band Saw- Brazing Solder 40-50% plus

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Band Saw- Brazing Solder 40-50% plus

I realize that you need the higher silver solder content for this specific (steel) purpose. I am trying to figure out if any of the older solder (unlabeled) I have is a higher % than the lower 10%-15% copper/pipe solder? Is there any proven method of figuring out the silver content ?? For this soldering purpose.
PS can the lower content silver solder work on these steel blade with any success?
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I doubt any plumbing solder will work to splice a steel blade. Anything containing lead or antimony doesn't have the strength needed.

Band saw blades are normally spot tack welded.

I was looking around and there are specific silver allows that can be used.
One is called Braze 505
Silver alloys such as N50 or Easy-Flo 3 are available but contain cadmium which makes their fumes toxic and are a health risk.
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"Silver solder" is an often misused term.
Most referring to silver solder acually mean silver brazing which is done at a higher temperature than solder.

Having said this there is low silver content solder that has somewhat more strength than soft solder and more importantly does not tarnish with age.
Unfortunately it would not be good for saw blades.

High temperature silver brazing is used to attach carbide teeth to saw blades.
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I've never seen a band saw blade soldered or brazed. The machine that makes up the blades and when purchasing them ready made both weld the steel. The machine holds both ends of the blade in the proper position and hits them with the current to weld the ends together. Then you grind the weld area smooth.
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As mentioned over and over, never going to happen, there spot welded, annealed, then ground.
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Guys back in the more self-reliant "good ole days" it was common to fix the blade yourself by brazing. Just another mostly-lost talent, along with filing & setting your own saw teeth.

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