Flux core welder

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Flux core welder

I am looking at buying a 115 volt welder just to have for minor things around home.Has anyone tried the HIT flux core from walmart.I know this probably not the best welder but I want to stay in price range of $125.I have a 220 larger welder if I needed one.
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Flux core welders are dirty so dont expect great results.

It all depends on what you are going to do with it.

A small 120V MIG welder is very versatile and will do everything around the home.
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Have not used that one, but I have a similar low priced welder (Clark) and it does what I need it to do, although mine will also do gas (MIG) which is what I use it for. Flux core does a lot of spit and sputtering so welds do not look as clean and need a lot of grinding/sanding to make them look nice. If this is not an issue then it will likely work for you. Looking around I see other retailers (Amazon, Home Depot) have also dropped their price so I suspect it is being discontinued. Looking on the Home Depot site I see it gets pretty high reviews. First thing you need to do is toss the face shield in the trash and get an auto darkening helmet. This is a good one: https://www.harborfreight.com/auto-d...ign-63121.html which is what I have, but they have some lessor expensive ones what have some good reviews.

And since we are talking about HFT here is a flux core welder in your price range: https://www.harborfreight.com/flux-1...der-63582.html Might get a little more off with a coupon.

Either way I would recommend to buy one from a local store in case it is junk so you can return it.
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For that price it is hard to say if it's worth buying or not.
It for sure will have a very low welding capacity but if you use the smallest wire it can handle and stick to very thin metal you could get a feel for what a MIG can do.
You will not be able to weld anything that needs structural integrity like a trailer.

Flux core welding does make a bit of a mess but if you purchase a can of anti-spatter spray you can overcome most of it.
Another disadvantage of flux core is that it penetrates more deeply than using gas which makes it difficult to use on sheet metal but is an advantage when doing structural welding.
Flux core is also good for welding outdoors as shielding gas blows away in the slightest of breeze.

I also agree that you may do well by shopping around and maybe paying a bit more.
Consumables and repair parts are important and you are likely to get them at HF and likely not at a box store.

Let us know how it goes when you buy a welder.
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I have a 240volt MIG welder and run a wire that handles most everything I weld from big to small so it's hard to imagine having a need for a smaller welder. I suppose if I had to get another welder I'd be looking for one that can do what my bigger one can't like maybe a spot or stud welder.
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IMO the nice thing about a 120 volt welder [mig or arc] is the portability - where you need to take it to the work instead of bring the work to the shop. I don't own a mig but do have both a 120 and 240 volt arc welder. After purchasing the big welder I hardly ever use the little one but it comes in handy when I need to weld something away from my shop.
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I had a 115 volt HFT flux core wire welder and I used it extensively on auto body. Thgis weas only possible with lots of grinding and rewelding because the weld it makes is so crude. It is very slap dash compared to genuine mig welding where you can lay down a decent line.. If it were me, I would look for a 115 volt mig welder, maybe eastwood catalog. Then you would really be cooking with gas. The flux core experience is a disaapointment.
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Here's a link to the Miller weld calculator for flux core: it gives a starting point for machine settings:

Note the thinnest material is 3/32". As others said, this process runs hot so it is difficult to get good results on thin stock such as body panels. For best results clean the joint to bare shiny steel (no paint or rust) and wipe with acetone to remove any oil.

There WILL be sparks, so please check your weld area for fire hazards. Wear your PPE and be aware of children and pets that don't know to look away from the arc light. Have fun, and good luck with it!

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