Ideas for metal to fabricate small weldind projects.


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Ideas for metal to fabricate small weldind projects.

How about discarded bed frame angle iron?

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Anytime I see a bed frame by the side of the road I stop and pick it up. The steel angle is great for little projects.
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I keep every piece of scrap metal I find. I have racks with all type of angle iron in steel and aluminum. They aren't big racks...... but full of a lot of different stock.
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old BBQ grills will have a ton of small thin gauge square tubing, even comes pre bent!
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I have a small pile [wife thinks it's big] of scrap steel along side of the barn. It comes in handy when you have to weld a repair or build something. I started out using bed rails. I've heard they aren't as stout as the same size angle iron but I've never had any issues out of anything I've made with them.

A lot depends on what your welding projects will consist of.
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If you have a smaller scrap yard near you there is a chance they would give you a good price on a pile of misc scrap.
They would view the value at the current by the ton price of scrap iron and not by the foot pricing.
If you said you wanted to spend $100.00 in cash money you could get a good amount of project material.
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I've built a few bedframe projects too: a cargo rack that jacks into the 2" hitch, and a set of shelves built to fit an odd closet. Bedframes can vary a lot in their hardness so they can be tough to drill, and i've noticed arc characteristics vary.

That said and aside, it's a great source of steel if you don't mind grinding out the joints and rivets!

If you ever plan to buy steel, avoid the big box store like Home Deep and Lowes- prices are off the chart.
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