Something for spreading a dented mug

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Something for spreading a dented mug

My favorite Yeti mug got run over. Any ideas for what kind of tool would open it back up?

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Its toast, the sharp corners and torn metal, make it unrepairable unless you want a dribble glass, time for a new one!
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Yeah, I don't know what the point of trying to repair it is. It's never going to be the same. You could probably get some of it out if you had a wooden form for it (a hole cut out of the center of a block of wood that is maybe 6"x6"x3/4" where the hole is the original size of the cup. Once the hole is cut, cut the entire block in half so that you have 2 pc 3"x6"x3/4" each with a half circle shape cut out of them) then put those 2 wooden form pieces and your cup in a vise and start squeezing the long dimension with the vise.

You would probably have to do this multiple times as you reposition the cup in the vise until its somewhat round again.

Once you've got the top fairly round you could take a wooden ball... baseball, pool ball, etc and start hammering it down into the cup. Use a short piece of 2x2 and a hammer to beat the ball down into the cup... the ball you use would have to be a little smaller than the cup originally was or you will have trouble getting it back out.

An automotive exhaust expander might be the best tool that would help. Here is a cheap one.

Seems like a lot of effort for a mug that's going to be embarassingly beat up the rest of its life. I'd scour ebay for one. There's one pretty similar online for $20.
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I would have taken a whole 30 sec, looking at it, tossed it in the trash and moved on.
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I think $25 will get you a new one. Then cut the old one open and see what's inside. The one I cut was surprisingly high tech and really showed the difference between it and a cheap knock-off.
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I don't think the time that Xsleeper took to write that "manual" was worth the energy. But it sure was detailed.
If the mug has sentimental value, put it aside and buy a new one. You have a story to go with then remembrance.

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