Septic Lift Pump Alarm


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Septic Lift Pump Alarm


I am new to septic systems. I would appreciate information on how the lift pump alarm works and what it senses when it turns on. In a junction box that is in the line that goes to what I presume is outside pump is a buzzer and a light. The incomming 120 V line is opened in the junction box and the hot side goes to 1) the light 2) the buzzer and 3) the outgoing. I don't have the details of the rest of the connection but I hope someone knowledgeable will know how the circuit works. I think, but am not completely sure, that the light and buzzer are in series with the hot wire (make sense?). While I wait for some help, I have turned off the breaker to the lift pump. Is that wise?

Thanks to anyone who can give me some details on how this works.

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Septic Lift Pump Alarm

Although I can't be 100% sure, I think what you have is a light and buzzer hooked up to a float switch that works when the level in the sewage tank is too high.
Normally, there are float switches that turn the pump off and on, and floats that are wired to the alarm system.
If you're getting a high alarm, and you're not sure of what you have, I would suggest that you get a pump repair person out to the location and have them check it out.
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You don't really say what your problem is.

Because you are asking about an alarm and you turned off the pump I will assume the alarm is sounding.

Most alarms use a float switch in the septic tank that is slightly above the float that operates the pump.

If you look in the septic tank you may find the level is above normal.
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Thanks to both of you for the response.

Yes, I can confirm that the alarm is a separate function that sounds when the sump pump fails and the fluid level gets too high in the outgoing (effluent) section of the septic. That is something very good to have in your system and it is good to know exactly what it means when it sounds (put a note by the alarm). The circuit is just a series 120 volt that goes through the float switch in the septic system effluent chamber. When the level gets abnormally high, the float switch closes and the alarm/light are energized. In this case, we thought the high level was caused by pump failure, but acutally, it was the connector where the sump pump plugs in. The failure was due to corrosion, so I suggest taping the connection area to reduce the amount of moisture ingress. Replacing the connector fixed the problem. The system was also vacuum pumped and that looks like a good thing to do about every five years.

Thanks again.

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The system was also vacuum pumped and that looks like a good thing to do about every five years.
Now to get it started good . Get a 1 lb baker yeast and 1 lb brown sugar. Mix them in some warm water and flush it down into the septic tank. It will help it start to work . Do this every year ED
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Good Septic Tank Info

Another good site

Neither of these site advise adding anything to your tank to keep it going or get it going. Human waste has enough enzymes for the tank to work properly.
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But it sure helps in the old type tanks We have gone over to aerobic tanks dont need anything in them and dont have to pump them. ED

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