Point/pump problems


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Point/pump problems

We have a point system for water at our home. The point is at a depth of 28 feet down. Upon hooking it up this past weekend I hooked the piping from the point to the pump which was located on top of the blue pressure tank. I primed the pump as instructed filling it up to the vent hole and closing and then filling the pump the rest of the way. I then proceeded to turn on the pump and it pumped water, I slowly opened the valve and did as instructed on the pump and water flowed out of the hose I had attached after the shutoff vaklve. The problem is it wont build up any pressure. No water enters the blue tank whatsoever it seems. The way I understand ti is there is a precharge in the tank and a diapraghm and water is supposed to fill the bottom 1/8 or so of the tank? But when i knock on the tank all over it sounds completely empty. I just cannot get any pressure to build Ive left the pump running (not dry) for like 15 minutes and no luck in the way of pressure. I go from 40 PSI after priming and then i slowly open it and never regain pressure although i can feel water coming from the point via the pipe. Also I have checked for leakes and there is none. It is brand new pipe installed to the point and the only joints are at the pump and to the iron pipe attached to the point. Thanks for any help im pretty baffled on this one. Both the tank and pump are approximately a year old max. Also I had wondered if possibly this point is too deep at 28 feet for the above ground pump, if so what are my alternatives?? Thanks

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While the point may be 28' deep, the more important thing is where the water level is, and whether there is sufficient water in the well to support the pump.
At this point, it sounds like the pump may be "overpumping" the well. If the pump can't get enough water, it won't build pressure.
There is a precharge air pressure in the tank. The correct amount of precharge is 2 psi less than pump cutin pressure. If your pump is set to come on when the pressure drops to 30 psi, then the precharge should be 28 psi.
I assume that you are using a jetpump. Is it a shallow well pump, or a deep well convertible pump? What is the horsepower?
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Howdy Ron, thanks for the reply. It is a 1/2 hp red lion pump with 40/60 switch. I checjked the precharge and it was correct at 38psi. I think your assumption is correct in that it isnt getting enough water to build pressure. I can see in the clear hose that runs from the pump outlet to the presure tank T that it just simply can only pump a little at a time not nearly enough to fill the tube, when the valve is opened. Which leads me to beleive my point is plugged. Last summer they ran the point for like 30 mins straight wide open and water flowed continuosly with no problems but the point has sat idle sine then with me being the only one operating anything in almost a year. If that is the case is there anyway of cleaning the point without removing it from the ground. There should be water there at 28 ft. There apparently has been for 10 years or so now. And the water is very good and high in this location also with a stream about 100 ft away. As for the shallow well pump or deep well kit im not for sure on that as I don't know how to tell if there is any kits installed. Sorry about the lateness of my reply as I only get up there about once a week to work on it. thanks.
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Wonder if you went to the well head in this point and re pipe it so you could put a air compressor on it at about a 100 lb and see if that would blow out the sand point some. if steel pipe how about another 5ft on it and drive it down some more.

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I dont know what type of pump a Red Lion is.... Does the pump have two hoses going back to the well?

If it is a shallow well type with two hoses, check the venturi & foot valve down at the bottom of the well. If it has not been used for a long time rust from the pump will easily clog the venturi. Since your well is so shallow, pulling it should be pretty easy. When you have everything up out of the well, check the foot valve at the very bottom. It is a check valve that makes sure the pump stays primed and that the water in the pipes does not slowly leak back down into the well.
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The pump only has one pipe going back to the well. ill explain it in more detail now that Ive looked it over some more.

Starting at the point it is metal pipe until it comes out of the ground, then immediately on top of the pipe there is a new check valve. which in turn turns into a 1 1/4" hard plastic pipe which runs through the ground and into the house into my crawlspace. At this point I put in a 90 degree elbow to run it straight up to the pump. The black plastic semi flexible pipe then attaches tot he pump inlet. The pump outlet has a flexible soft plastic with wire rings embedded which in turn goes to the T in the line right below the 50 gal pressure tank. of the other end of the T there is a small amount of piping and then a shutoff valve.

There are two hard plastic pipes in the ground but they said the second one was a spare in case something would happen to the first one, so you didnt have to redig the trench over again.

I plan on pulling the point this weekend to give it a good look. Is there any certain way i should do this that makes it the easiest? i have a tractor with a bucket and i was thinking of chaining the pipe to the hook on my bucket and lifting it slowly a few feet until I cant lift it straight anymore and then seeing if it is loose enough to pull by hand the rest of the way. Thanks again guys.!!!
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Hopefully, you should be able to slowly pull the entire well pipe and point straight up in increments (lower the chain) with the backhoe, and then push it back down again with the bucket.
Good Luck!
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Hi. back with results. I didn't end up having to pull the point, I notixced a very slight kink in the plastic piping in the crawlspace and cut it and replaced it with a plastic joint. After replacing the kinked area, i have massive water pressure now and plennty of water as well. I pumped out roughly 150 gallons of water between filing a water barrel and pressure washing the house. the only problem now is the switch/pressure guage. Sometimes when I shut the valve it will shut down the pump like it is supposed to do. Other times it will kick the pump on and off on and off like 20 times in like 10 seconds. Im thinking maybe the spring tension isnt correct but havent messed with it yet. Switch hopefully isnt shot as its only 1-2 years old and hasnt been used barely 10 hours at most.
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The on/off rapidly sounds like a pressure tank that has no air in it. It is water bound.
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I had checked the pressure for the tank yesterday as well it was at 38 psi the switch is a 40/60. Would it still be waterlogged with a 38psi charge?
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