no water in tank


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no water in tank

I'm having a problem with my well tank. The pump will click on then off after a few seconds. I tried to drain the holding tank but no water came out. When the water is running you notice slight increases in pressure and then the drops off. The pressure when the water is not running is 40 and seems to remain constant. Any advice on what to check?

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I assume that you have a bladder-type pressure tank.
Check the air pressure of the tank with a tire gauge with the pump power off and the water pressure drained down. It should read two psi below your pump cut-on pressure. i.e. 28 psi for a 30-50 psi cut-on/cut-off pump.
If it is too high, bleed the air off. If it's too low, air it up to the correct pressure with a biicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor.
If you're reading a gauge on the pump for that constant 40 psi, it must be clogged.
For more information, check out:
Good Luck!

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