Pitless well caps


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Pitless well caps

I confused a bit about pitless well caps and was hoping someone could help me understand them a bit better.

I'm installing my first pitless well and will be using a simmons compact adapter (model 1840). My driller gave me a well cap that accommodates the 6" pipe casing and a 1" conduit for the power wire to run down. However, the cap is not a "watertight" cap and has no seal. It just slips over the 6" conduit and 1" conduit and has 5 thumb screws to hold it in place. The problem I see with it is that it's not "sealed" and does not appear to provide the "sanitary seal" that I'm looking for. I have seen some watertight well caps online, http://www.campbellmanufacturing.com...ell_system.htm but no one in town carries them and I can't find a local source so I'm stuck with this cap at least for now. I guess I could just replace it later if needed.

Anyway, can I just use some silicon sealant when I install the cap or just let it "breath" through the cap?

It looks like I will have to make the cap sit about 6" above grade since it's not watertight but I would prefer to bury it below ground about a foot.

Any input would be appreciated.
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Cable guards

Also, I've seen some of the cable guards at the local hardware store. They look like they would be easier than taping the submersible power wire to the pipe. Are they worth using and if so, how far should I space them apart? I've got a 300' well so it might be costly if they are supposed to be spaced close together.

Thanks again.
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You don't seal the top of your well without allowing air flow to prevent a vaccuum when you move water out of the well. The cap you've been given is used by the hundreds every day and it is the standard unless you live in a State where they say you must have a sealed but vented cap. The vented part somehow says the sealed part isn't so important huh. lol

You don't bury the top of the well. It's against code in the vast majority of areas everywhere and usually they insist on from 12" to 18" be exposed. And if you ever have to work on a buried well, while doing so you'll really desire to speak to those that buried it!

Cable guards are good but they don't get you out of taping the cable every 5-10'. Guards are installed every 10-20'. You may or may not want to use a torque arrestor too.

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