pressue tank, pump, water Issues.. Somone please help.

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Unhappy pressue tank, pump, water Issues.. Somone please help.

where to start... My old jet pump started squeeling last week... and a friend who has just recently switched to city water, offered me his pump.. both are 1/2 HP jet pump, and the new one I got from him is a myers hj50D which is only about 2 yrs old and worked great when he switched to city water.... other then recharge my old galvanized tank with air a couple of times, I have not done much plumbing work..
So last night, I manage to get everything changed over with no issues... both have a 20/40 pressure switch on them, so I drained my tank and rechanged it to 18 LBS... I turned the power back on checked the connections, no leaks and everything seemed fine... the pump went for about 10 mins and then shut off.. at which time, I figured the tank was full.. however turns out the tank was only half full and the pressue switch was still on... I immedialtly disconnected the power.. sure enough the pump was very hot... So I would say the pump overheated and automatically shut off... as I think this is normal... The pressue gauge on the pump itself reads about 30-32 presently.. and doesn't move from that spot very much.. I have seen it down to 26, and maybe up to 38... I tried moving the pressure switch cut on/off's but it didn't make any difference.. it almost seems the pump is not moving enough water to fill my tank.. I did prime the pump when I hooked it up, and I loosened the pressue valve and there is tonnes of water spraying out of it... any suggestions would really help...
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That Myers HJ50D is a deep well jetpump. Are you using it as a deep well or shallow well pump?
If your system is deep well, you'll need to use the matching ejector, which is down in the well. If you're using it as a shallow well pump, the ejector should be mounted on the pump head. Without the ejector, the pump may have a hard time building pressure. There is also a nozzle in the ejector that is easily plugged up. A plugged nozzle will keep the pump from building pressure.
In any case, the pump probably shouldn't have shut down after a 10 minute run. The motors on these pumps are rated for continuous duty. Make sure everything is wired properly, and that the wire is big enough to handle the load. Check the amp rating on your old pump and compare it to the new one. Make sure they're close.
Give us a little more info about how the pump is being used, and we'll have more ideas.
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well here is what I can tell you.. the the setup runs everything in my entire house.. average size 3 bedroom bunglow..

Old pump is a Wylain Canada Model: RJ-500 which I can find absolutely no information about it on the interenet. 1/2 HP 3450RPM motor.
I cannot find any amp rating specified on the motor or pump at all... I do know that it it wired on a 20amp 115 Volt circuit from the fuse box.. the wiring looks to be origional.. likely about 30 years old... but still in decent shape. (age of my house)

New Pump, Myers HJ50D 1/2 HP 3450 RPM's

I do not see an ejector mounted on either pump.. just the pipes connected directly to old pump were removed and connected to the new pump.. no other part was there....

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I am not sure if this will help or not.. but if I start the pump, and put my ear to the tank... I can hear water flowing into the tank for about 1 minute.. then I cannot here the water entering the tank anymore... the pump seems like it slows down but continue's to run.. as if it was under more strain
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You may have something sucked up against the foot valve screen in the well.

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thanks for the help folks.. I will tell you what it was... The new pump was set to 220 volts... my wiring was 110... changed pump from high voltage to low voltage and it workes like a charm... I guess it could not spin the pump fast enough to build up pressure when it was set to 220... I was told mine was hooked up via 220, but after testing the voltage we found out different..
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All myers pumps come wired for 220v if I'm not mistaken. I guess that would have been good knowledge for me to share a month ago. ;-)

At least you found it.

You may want to consider changing the wiring to a 220v setup at some point. The reason that they ship that way is most installations are for 220v because the motor runs twice as efficient at that voltage. Runs better, lasts longer, uses less electricity.


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