New Pump/Tank... Now have no water


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New Pump/Tank... Now have no water

My water pump was going out - it was so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk when it was running. I decided to upgrade while I was going to go to the trouble of a replacement. I went with a 1 HP Simer convertable Jet pump - (up from an old unknown brand name 3/4HP convertable jet) and a 62 Gallon precharged bladder tank. (from a smaller non precharge metal tank)

Install went well. A day after I started the project I was ready to prime and get it going again. I followed Simers instructions - and no matter what I do - I can't get the pump to pull water. I have a small length of clear plastic tube to observe water flow between the pump and th etank - and there is no flow at all - not even air moving. I tried popping the cap on the well pipe. And poured only 2.5 gallons of water down there before it came up to the top of the pipe. That does not seem right to me. The pipe diameter is 2 and 1/2 inner diameter and 2 and 7/8ths outer diameter. I was told by the previous owner that the well was about 30 feet deep. it is a single pipe connection. There is no drive pipe. This is how the old pump was - it had a two pipe to single pipe converter/adapter on it. I specifically went with this model Simer pump, because I would not need to adapt the pump down to only one pipe. It was preconfigured with one inlet and one outlet.

I installed the Simer conversion kit (deep well nozzle, pressure gauge, and control valve) The water in the well stand pipe above ground, froze. I thawed it out - and was able to get a length of copper pipe, down the well, only about 5 feet, when I hit what felt/sounded like metal. Approximatly the same depth at which the well pipe comes through my basement wall. I was under the impression that I should be able to in theory reach unobstructed all the way down to the bottom of the well.

Repeated attempts to prime have failed. I fill the pump and the pipes adjacent, with water. And I cannot get anything up from the ground. I noticed there was a good amount of sediment and mineral deposit build up in the pipes that I could see - and I am afraid that there could be a blockage at some point. Prior to this - I never noticed a problem before - aside from the fact the pump grew louder and louder. I should also note that I have only moved into this house two years ago - and this is my first experiance with a well/septic system.

I'm going to see if I can get a service company out tomarrow to take a look at it - because I am reaching my limits of frustration. Can anyone shed any light on this? I've dropped a sizeable hunk of cash to get this far - and I can't really afford to call a service man out. These things happen at the worst times. While I will have to call someone if I have no other choice... I just feel as if I am missing something here. I should be able to make this work. I feel as if I am lighting a match in a room full of propane gas, and not getting an explosion. Everything SHOULD be working right - yet I have no water.

Thanks in advance for any possible help - and I apolgize for the length of this post.

Regards, Tom. S
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Hi Tom,
- The lengthy post is good if coherent explanations are brought out, as you did. It appears that the main problem lies in priming or possibly in the foot valve. Every surface pump system has a footvalve at the bottom of the suction pipe. These frequently fail. When you prime, what happens to the water? It should sit at the final level, if it steadily reduces, then you have a leak in the downside, either pipe or footvalve. Secondly, with jetpumps it's always a good idea to have a ballvalve on the outlet side of the pump. This helps tremendously with priming and charging the tank first time. When you've primed and start the pump, you should see at least the priming water in your clear tube. Is this NOT happening?
New thought - is it possible that the water in the downline froze either underground or as it enters the well. I have no idea how cold it is there, but something you said just triggered that thought.
Post back and let us know, we'll figure it out.
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You said that you popped the cap off of the well and poured 2 1/2 gallons of water down it before it got full, and the pump still doesn't pump water.
Have you actually primed the pump by pouring water into the pump itself and filling the pump head and suction line? You didn't say you had done this. The pump won't prime until you do. Pouring water down the well bore is not the same thing.
I'm just wondering.
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Thanks for the info Pumpman - the problem was in that I had incorrectly set up the pump for deep well operating. I didn't need the conversion kit - as the well is a shallow well and not deep well. I was incorrectly told by the previous home owner that it was a deep well - I don't think he knew any more about it than I did LOL. I had a well/pump service guy come out and within 5 minutes, he had water up again. Yes I filled the pump and lines with water... and he said the reason why the pipe only took 2.5 gallons of water to fill was because there was a pitless adapter in place. Also preventing the water from flowing down the well, as was the case. I couldn't get water because of the Deep Well Conversion and because I forgot to open a cold water faucet and allow the air to have some place to go.

I have to go back and repalce the clear plastic line with metal line - as one of the clamped connections is leaking - and the service tech said they are not really durable. As I don't feel like having a flooded basement -I'm gonna replace them heh. All is well now and I am less stinky than before heehee. Four days without a shower will make you feel not-so-happy
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Hi Tom,
I'm glad things are running for you, however , a couple of points-
(QUOTE) and he said the reason why the pipe only took 2.5 gallons of water to fill was because there was a pitless adapter in place. Also preventing the water from flowing down the well, as was the case.(QUOTE)
-This is very erroneous information. The pitless adaptor is simply another pipe joint ( a 90' coupling,) and IN NO WAY prevents water flowing in EITHER direction. It definitely can not prevent you priming a pump fully !
Point 2, The pipe between pump and tank is best left flexible, use a heavy duty clear braided fuel hose, the same diam. as the pump's output port ( generally 3/4 or 1"). To facilitate future priming without losing tank contents it's also a good idea to fit a ball valve the same size at the pump output or where this pipe joins the tank.

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And not opening a faucet will not prevent successful priming or the pump from moving water. Plus, since i don't know 1.5-2" wells.... how does a pitless adapter prevent water from going down the well when you pour it down that pipe? If it did, what's the pipe for; identifying where the well is?

I still dont know if it's a two line deep well or single line shallow well set up....

IMO it's not a good idea to increase the hp an existing well system unless it is needed and suggested that there won't be a problem doing so. For your type well, I'd have to say the same for a drastic increase in the size of the pressure tank too. Among other things, both can draw the well down farther than it should be.

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