Pump or Pressure Tank?


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Pump or Pressure Tank?

I've read several if not all threads and have lots of good ideas but I'm hoping for a "first try" suggestion.
We have a shallow well with a jet pump. The pump will kick on every time water is used and will run for several minutes after. Sometimes it doesn't shut off and we've found that if we run water for a minute or so it will shut off. What do you suggest we try first to cure this problem?
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Hi Blenora,
- Sorry, it's seldom that simple. You have at least two problems, the first being not enough air in the tank. The other is possibly a worn or warped impeller in the pump.
We need you to check;
1. -type of tank, is it A. bladder tank,( pale blue, white, gray or red, with entry pipe under base), or B. Galv.tank ( green, silvery, rusty, with entry pipe in the side of tank).
2. - what are indicated pressures at cut in and shutoff.
3.-Is it a jetpump ( right threr by the tank?)
4.-If it IS a jetpump, is the pressure switch mounted on rear of the pump or on the tanktee.
5.-If it is a jetpump, is there a valve between pump and tank.

Come back with these answers and it will be easy to help you
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I'll add;
6. One or two lines to the pump from the well?

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It is a jet pump with the pressure switch located on the rear of the pump. There is one line from the well to the pump with a valve between the pump and the tank.

It is a bladder tank. We drained it and added 18 lbs of air pressure to it. It shuts off at 40 and kicks back on at 25.

We have noticed since draining that it seems to working ok but should it come at 20 instead of 25?
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Hi Blenlora,
- the 'standard' operating pressure is considered to be 30-50. Now that we know your system is working a bit better, let's try to get to that standard. First, make sure the pump can get that far - remove the lid of the pressure switch and with a 3/8 nut driver ( or deep socket) turn the central spring nut clockwise, four full turns. This should raise your pressure switch to around 30/46. Now the pump should go to 46 or so and shutoff. ( If it seems to lag at any point between 40-46,that indicates a weak impeller, so turn the nut back to the lag point. ) What you're trying to achieve is a 'clean' 30 - 46 or so without the motor struggling to get that last psi or two. When you've got it as high as it'll go, then put an extra 8-10 psi of air in the tank and you'll notice a big difference.
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Please take extra care when adjusting a pressure switch. There is electricity in very close proximity to the adjusting nuts, even if the contacts are open.
A nut driver with a plastic handle is the best tool for this job.
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