well pump click on,click off,click on,off


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well pump click on,click off,click on,off

my well pump seems to be running alot more often than it used to and I hope it's not going to burn out the pump.
the gauge holds right around 50psi just before the holding tank

is it normal for the pump to turn on the instant you open a faucet or flush?
it seems to click on and off alot and for some reason I dont recall it doing that.

the system is only 4 yrs old and we have a 165' deep well with a submersible 3/4 hp pump, i think the holding tank is about 40 gal but not sure.(its half the hight of a reg water heater but alot wider).

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It sounds like you have lost your air pressure "bubble". The holding tank has a bladder of air in it, or it has "free" air in it. If it is a bladder tank, the bladder has broken. If it is a "free" air tank, the air injector has become defective. Either way, the tank is totally full of water. As soon as any valve opens, the pressure goes to zero. As soon as the pump comes on, the pressure goes sky high and it kicks off. That frequent cycling can damage your pump. You need to fix the problem ASAP.

W.A. McCormick
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thanks for the reply,
I looked at the gauge while the softner was in regen and it would cycle from 65psi then to 35psi back and forth in like 30 seconds.
I thought i saw an air plug on the tank. can I put a gauge on that to see what the pressure is or do you think its best I just call for service?

thanks again

edited to say: I also dont want to call for sevice and get taken to the cleaners.
its a 54gal tank.. any idea on the cost or if it would HAVE to be replaced?
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Press the air valve to see if air comes out. MOST of the time if the bladder is ruptured, you will see water when you press the air valve. If this is the case, the tank should be replaced as soon as poss. as this constant starting and stopping can ruin your pump and/or controls. As for price, there is quite a cost difference between professional grade tanks and the cheapo ones at the home improvement stores. most pros don't shop at those stores.
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ok, thanks for the reply.
just as you described...
water comes out when you push the air valve in.
BUMMER, well guess i will be looking for a new tank.
is it normal to only get 5yrs out of a tank?
It was installed when the house was built thats only 5 years old!!

anyway, thanks for the help

guess we can put in that spin down filter before the tank now..lol
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While you are waiting to replace the tank pump some air into it. Even with a ruptured bladder the air will reduce the on/off cycling of the pump.
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thanks for the suggestion joed, i will give it a try.
lol, you guy's wont believe this!!
I contacted the mfr. (at my wife's suggestion )
and would'nt you know it... the 5yr warranty expires 7/05
so, at least the cost of the tank will be covered but they will need to ship it out to a dist. and then to me might be a couple weeks but at least it broke Before the warranty expired.

hope you dont mind but my next thread may be "I am installing a new tank and...."
thanks guy's
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