Deep Well Major Worries Need advice

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Exclamation Deep Well Major Worries Need advice

I hope someone out there can help with a little advice before the well repair man pulls my pump up..
Here is my problem. We have a 582ft Well drilled with the pump dropped down at 350ft. Yesterday we lost almost all volume and pressure. I should also mention this well is shared by 3 homes..Ok so we ened the cover (Not the Well Cap) but the cover off the very small pressure tank that was only reading about 10-15 pounds of pressure. We had a pump guy come out and verify the pump is running. The problem is they said we need to PULL the pump up and check it. Well the system is 7 years old and the original installer did not lower the pump with the normal pvc pipe sections. What he used was just one long black plastic piping stuff on a roll.
The guys that came out said they couldnt pull the pump as they did not have the big spool that you need to pull it out as one peice..The reason I am worried is are neighbors had the same thing happed to them and the well people tried to bring the pump up a little at a time and CUT the pipe in sections as they were lifting it..Well long story short they LOST the pump..The pipe broke about half way up. The owners had to drill a brand new well! At the cost of 6000.00 and all that was originaly wrong was the pump.
So my question is there any precautions or suggestions to get this pump out without breaking the one long 360 foot pipe?? We located another well guy that has the spool we need but I am still scared to death the thing is going to break...Also they all seem to think that we have run out of water and are prob going to have to drill further or drop the pump down another 30 feet or so...What is strange is IF we have run out of water why would we still be getting water out of the well butjust a small amount..Also they did pull the black pipe out of the well head just enough to check it and it was full of water. So if the well was running dry wouldnt this pipe be empty or at least be pulling up dirty water?? Water looks clean as can be..I asked them 2 or 3 times if the pressure tank might be bad but they basicaly shrugged me off and since I know nothing I couldnt really say anything..The pressure tank at the well head is just a tiny little thing maybe 5 gallons, then under each of are homes everyone has another bigger pressure tank. I have no idea how this stuff works but am slowly learning. Also I should note last summer my neighbor left the hose on overnight and the next morning we were sucking up brown water..After they turned the hose off it cleared up in a few hours...One other thing they have been buildingnew homes out here like crazy and so with the new homes are comming new wells..And the new homes around the block from us there wells are drilled twice as far as mine..Could we really be OUT of water?? My main concern is the black one piece pipe..Any suggestions or safty precaustions when this guy goes to PULL the pump would be greatly appreciated..Sorry this is so long but this is weird situation...Thanks in advance..Randy
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Just found out my OTHER neighbor had his hose running all night!! Looks like I am ok now....He shut it off and pressure went right back uu to 50psi
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Again I am sorry for those whom I took time away to read my VERY long post when all it was was my other neighbor leaving his hose running!

Just a suggestion to any of you that might be SHARING a Well with other houses...Make it clear to them they can't go around leaving hoses unattended...

This stupid ordeal had the potintial of costing me several thousand dollars because of the irreisposibility of one person on the well..Now both my neighbors on this shared well have done this same thing..I dont know whether to be happy that it was nothing major or furious at what could have been...

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