Are septic tank baffles needed


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Are septic tank baffles needed

I recently moved into a new home and it seems like I am on this website too much for my pleasing even though I am thankful for the info provided. Anyway, I was mapping the location of my septic tanks before grading the yard and I pulled the lids off both tanks to take a look around and I noticed there are no baffles. Before I go to my builder I would like to know if there are septic systems like mine that don't require baffles. I have a basic gravity flow system that has two large cement septic tanks in series that drain into a drainfield. Unfortunately I think my builder will come up with some reason why they aren't needed to get around having to pay to have the tanks pumped and baffles installed.

Also, when grading the yard can they put the weight of machinery on the septic tanks or should I rope the area off?

Thank you for your time.
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Tee fittings on the inlet and outlet pipes (with the arms of each tee oriented vertically, one sticking out of the water and the other pointing down) can be used instead of baffles. You do definitely want baffles or tees on a regular septic tank. It's especially important on the output pipe, to keep floating scum from flowing into the drain field.

Re grading around the tank: When I had a new tank installed in an existing yard, the installers were careful about not compacting the earth right near the tank, with the result that the ground settled in the first year. This was on purpose, and they warned me about it. So I guess you do want to keep the machinery away from your tanks.
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You need baffles in all of your tanks on both the inlet and outlet the distance that the inlet and outlet baffle extend above the liquid line is .2 times the liquid depth. The length of the submerged outlet baffle is .4 times the liquid depth. The length of the inlet baffle that is submerged is 6 inches below the liquid line, but no more than .2 times the liquid depth. You will have to do a little math. That is the requirements where I live. Hope this helps you.
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