Does Anyone Know anything about a Well?


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Does Anyone Know anything about a Well?

I'm not sure which forum this belongs in, but I have a well on my property that I'd like to start using the water for watering my lawn and pony & chickens. There is no pump, but I can see the water when I take the 100lb concrete cover off... I'd appreciate any advice.
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If all you want to do is water the yard then simply drop a shallow well foot valve in the well with a small pump going to unobstructed sprinkler heads.

If you want to be able to use a water hose and turn the water off and on at the hose then you will need a small pressure tank with pressure switch. Some small pumps have all that build in. Even the large box stores carry them now. It's a simple install.

You do need to know the bottom of the well (string and a weight) and the top of the water (string and float.) Subtract the difference and that is the amount of water you have. Place your foot valve somewhere in between.

If you will use it to water livestock you should have it tested, just to be on the safe side.
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If you use it to water your yard, have it checked for iron. If it contains iron it will stain everything red. This isn't a problem for grass but if it gets on your house, concrete, etc. it will be unsightly. BTW, the water can look completely clear and still cause things to turn red. A simple test would be to put a quart in a clear bottle allowing for about 1/4 air space in the bottle. Shake vigorously. This will dissolve air into the water and if ferrous iron is present the air will react with the iron and form ferric oxide (a.k.a. red iron or rust). This reaction may occur instantly or it may take and hour or so. If the water still appears to be clear, let it set undisturbed for a day or 2. Any ferric oxide, sand, dirt, etc. will settle and may be easily seen.

And if you decide to water livestock or use it for human use, have it tested. Check with the Health Dept. in your area to find out how and where to have it done.
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Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

Well, we measured the well and water depth. We seem to have about a 30 ft deep well and about 12 ft of water in it. I don't know if that is a decent amount of water or not, but I took a water sample and the state will be testing it for nitrates tomorrow, and then I'll see what else they'll test it for.

I have a crazy huge underground sprinkler system covering more than 2 acres, so I guess I'll have to contact the installers and find out if they can relocate the controls closer to the well and then find a way to tap into the well and get it into the sprinkler system.

Thanks again for the info!
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Well depth

First get an idea how deep your well is, that will determine what kind of pump to use either a shallow well pump or a deep well pump. Second find out how much water is in the well. Using a string and a weight.
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Water Well Question

You need to have the well tested for gallons per minute. You shouldn't have to move the valves or controller.

Porky Cutter, MGWC
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