pump runing no water?


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pump runing no water?

I have a water well that is 220 ft with a pump that is about 6 weeks old that I can hear/ feel the vibrations that is runing but I have no water. I have pulled on the pipe to the pump and the pump is attachaed. I think I will need to pull the pump to find out what is happening, but am looking for so type of pipe holding device so when I pull the pipe (plastic) and let lose of it the pipe will not fall back intoo the well, can I rent this type of holding device? And where from in fort worth tx.
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I would not recommend doing this yourself. Lifting 220 feet of pipe is tough by itself, and you have to lift the weight of the pump, AND ANY WATER IN THE PIPE. And that can be quite heavy! Then, if the pipe is sch 80 and screwed together you will have to hold on to it securely while you unscrew it. If it is sch 40 then it is likely glued together and you will end up with a long arch above ground and need about three additional people helping to keep that pipe intact and from breaking under stress.

On the other hand, from what you said I suspect that your water has dropped below the level of the pump. I think what you want to do first is to get a string with a light weight on it and let it down in the well until you hit either water or the top of the pump. I suspect you will hit the pump first.

Even if you hit water first it sounds like you will need to pull the pump anyway.

They do make the tools available but you can fashion one out of an iron plate if you have the cutting tools, or even a small vise will work. But remember...one slip up and you end up hiring a puller to fish your broken pipe out of the hole. And that's about double what it would cost to pull your pump and give you a well site analysis.

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