No water (Water pump)


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Wink No water (Water pump)

Hello everyone... Well got up this morning and didn't have any water...Went out to the pump house and the pump not running, but was very hot, must have been running dry for a long time..Even the air inside the fiberglass pump house was hot. I'm afraid that the Aermotor 1 hp pump may be fried, because when i plugged it in it just hums. When i removed the gauge from the priming hole, air blew out strong enough to blow my hat off. I suspect this has something to do with the wm6 wellmate tank, but not sure. Just 2 days ago the fella down at the local plumbing supply told me to put 2 lbs less than the cut-on pressure whic is 40 so i put 38 lbs in it. I had asked him about it because my water pressure would go way down like when taking a shower, and then build back up to normal,then do it all over again.. He told me to check the pressure in the tank and it only had about 13 - 15 lbs in it. After putting 38 in it the pressure was good and working fine up til this morning..Is it possible air is leaking out the tank and backing down in the well causing it to lose prime, if so should i just replace the tank..Also do you think there is any help for my pump (it is about 15 yrs old),If not what kind of pump would you go back with...The well is about 125' deep, and has a 2'' well casing with a 1'' well pipe in it( all pvc)...One more thing, when i was pouring water in the priming hole i had to pour it very slowly because it kept trying to bubble back out. Finnaly i removed the valve stem from the tank and then i could pour the water in pretty fast..But even when i got it filled to the top of the priming hole, it would go back down slowly,(valve to house is cut off) like the foot valve might be leaking a little. I noticed after about 30 min i had to add about a 2 liter coke bottle of water to get it back full....I could maybe get by with that small leak..But got to get pump up and running....Sorry for such a long post, just wanted to get you all the info....And let me say Thanks to one and All for any help...Thanks..James
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Did you try to run it after it cooled down? It could be permantly ceased.

The leaking foot value is a problem you should fix.

Does your tank have an air balder in it? If so you need to adjust the air pressure in the tank before pumping water in it.
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