well pump depth set and other questions


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well pump depth set and other questions

I posted about my well problems several weeks ago and after checking all the things that were suggested I'm left with either a bad pump or a clogged inlet sreen on the pump. Basic telling symptoms it takes 25 minutes to fill pressure tank after pump comes on and I'm only getting about 1.25 gpm from the pump. I'm now trying to decide what kind of pump to replace it with and where to set the pump.

I have a Jacuzzi hp 5gpm 230 v 2 wire sandhandler pump. The pump is set at 90'. I measured down to water depth in the casing and there was water at 31 feet. Does this mean I have water available to be pumped between 90 and 31 feet?

I know there is a lot of mud in my well. The last time we put in a pump (just 3 years ago) the old pump was covered with mud when we pulled it out. I wondered then if it was cleanable but we installed the new Jacuzzi and set in up three feet from where it was before. Thing were great until recently.

If I put in a new pump should I set it up some more and if so how much? Should I look into getting my well pumped out? I have been advised to put in a 10gpm pump this time. Any advantage or disadvantage to that? Do not know well draw down.

I just measured the amperage draw on the pump motor at 5.3 amps according to Jacuzzi it should be between 5- 6 amps for a 230 v motor. Also resistance is right where it should be. Does this indicate the pump might actually be OK and just need to be cleaned up?

I'm using a plumber friend to do the install, we did the last pump as well. He just charges me labor and gets the pump at his cost so this is really a lot of saving over calling a well guy but I don't want to be doing this again in three years.

Also I have an Omni whole house filter inline before my water softener and change it every two weeks, they are pretty dirty at that point with the mud. But not so much as to cause a pressure drop.

Well I know this a lot of questions and information but we are looking at doing the job this upcoming week and I want to make the right call.
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You MUST know the draw down and recovery rate before you can even guess at what pump to use.

With your Jacuzzi pump running you will have to determine how fast the water enters your well. If the water does not enter the well as fast as the pump pumps it out then you will end up pumping a lot of air instead of water... after the 60' of water is used up.

THAT is the reason for using a 5gpm pump instead of using a 10gpm pump.
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I agree that you should hook up with a well installer to do an assesment of your well.
You could raise the pump more to hopefully position it away from the silt but you could run out of water at certain times of the year.

If you have adequate water from your 5 gpm pump then installing a bigger one would be counter productive.
Another reason for not installing an oversized pump is that you may increase the delivery, but if you don't need it you will cause a premature failure of the pump from short cycling.
If you have an occasional need for higher volumes of water and your well can handle it, you will need to install multiple bladder tanks to minimize cycling.

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