jet pump woes


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jet pump woes

I have a problem with my pump. First off I rent my home so I don't know much about the well (depht) but I have a 1/2 hp GE motors pump mod # 5kc39hn3393x. and tank is h2pro 20 galons.
I have no problems with running out of water (there is always lots of water) The water persure is not the best but ok.

The pump runs about every 3-5 minutes wheater water is used or not. if the power goes out for more then 3 min it looses it's prime.
The landlord changed the tank not long ago, as he thought it was the cause, but the new tank made no differance.
Now the pump seems to be leaking, from the fill plug (its on tight) I'm going to try some teflon tape. also there is alwalys some moister around the pump so I think there is another small leak (not sure where pipe connection I think)

Coming into the pump is one plastic pipe either 1 or 1/12" another pipe comes through the wall the same size but goes nowhere(it has a threaded connection like a hoses) for air maybe?
my tank psi is 28psi, the gaudge on the pump dosn't work so I don't know the psi there.
When I do have to reprime it is VERY hard and can take 10-20 gallons and alot of time.
what could my problem be? I don't wan't to have to keep calling my landlord over, is there anything I can do??
sorry for long post and thanks for any help.
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Any leak on the suction side of the pump will cause loss of prime and low pressure. It also sounds as if you may have an issue with the foot/checkvalve that allows water to return to the well when the pump is off. This will cause the pump to cycle frequently.
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how can I check the foot/check valve? and is it costly to repair?
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