Routing Stream Through Pipe


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Routing Stream Through Pipe

there is a small stream that runs through the back portion of my property which I would like to route underground, through a pipe, for approx 10 feet. I'd like to use a relatively large dia pipe (maybe 12 " dia) because the property is in a wooded area and I don't want it easily clogged with debris (or dead forest animals for that matter). The volume of water isn't that great and could easily be handled by 6" corrugated plastic pipe, which is readily available at the nearby Lowes. Corrugated galv, or even plastic for that matter, 12" or greater in dia can only be purchased at specialty building supply stores in my area, and would cost me at least $150 for the length I would have to buy. Does anyone have suggestions/alternatives? any experience with the frequency with which the 6" pipe clogs?
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Check with local authorities with your plans and any required permits. Watershed protection can be very strict in some areas. Too, there may be required specifications for running the stream through a pipe and pipe size and material. If concerned about clogs and 6" pipe, 12" sounds reasonably better.
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Routing Stream Through Pipe

You could be creating a problem by guessing.

If it is too small you could back up water and create a flood on your property and on the property of others.

Bigger (12") is not always better. It can be easier to clog because the velocity of the water is slower in a large pipe than in a small pipe. It all depends on the slope.

If you put in a pipe and it can't carry the wheel loads of a riding mower, you may have just been wasting your money.

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Most of the drain pipe I've seen that size is made from concrete.

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