Surface water in well!!

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Surface water in well!!

We've started warming up around here. Getting a lot of rain/snow/sleet.
Last night had about 4" of snow/sleet, then today went to rain.

I was in the bathroom and notice the water was brownish. I didnt think a lot about it since sometimes if the water is used very heavy it gets a little cloudy but clears up... but this was brownish instead of cloudy.
I was heading down to the barn and as I passed the well I heard water splashing. I knew something was up...

(Now if anyone remembers a previous post by me they will remember that I had a pipe burst underground and had run a temporary line above ground until the ground thawed so we could dig the old one up. I had meant to cap the pitless down there so when the ground thawed it wouldnt ru into the well... I figured I had a while since it is all frozen at least 4 feet down.)

I opened the cap and found quite a bit of water pouring into the well from the pitless attached to the burst lines. I quickly got a pitless attachment out put an valve on it and lowered it down the well to seal it (I KNOW! I KNOW! Why didnt I do it sooner!) Well we ran bathtub faucets till the water was clear again.

From what I can tell it isnt water coming in the burst pipe from underground... I thing the slushy water on the surface is running down the outside of the casing pipe and into the burst pipe (which must be right at the pitless I figure). So if I am right it is direct surface water reaching it.

Now what? I know you can bleach out the system but do I really need to?
I think I need to because well is near the pasture and I dont think the surface water (even though the well is a little uphill) would be nice.
I would guess it had probably been going on for a couple/three hours before I found it.

Is there a web site to look at for this? Im right in that I can use just normal household bleach?

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you absolutley must chlorinate the well.

Before you drink any(more) of the water, I would have the water tested for the nasties you don;t want to drink.

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