Help with submersible install


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Help with submersible install

I have been tagged by my boss to replace his jet pump with a submersible and re locate the tank to the basement.
I am good with plumbing and electrical, but have little experience with wells.

The current setup is a jet pump in a 6.25" well 105' deep, water is 62' down from top.
He wants to replace the jet with a 3/4 hp submersible, move the tank, and do away with the raggedy pump house.

The tank will be in the basement which about 10' below top of well, about 50' from the pump on 3/4" pvc.
I have read the switch should be near the tank, is that correct?

There is currently a regulator just after the pump which seems odd to me, I would think it would need to be after the tank?

The new pump will have a built in check valve, should there be another check valve somewhere in the system?

Is it a bad idea to re-use the 1" black plastic pipe?

Is 10' from he bottom a good height for the pump?


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Re: I have been tagged by my boss to replace his jet pump with a submersible and re locate the tank to the basement. - One wonders if this is a condition of continued employment???

The pressure switch should be at the pressure tank, correct. Since it's a new setup, you'll probably go with a 40/60 pressure switch. Make sure the tank is precharged to 2 PSI below the ACTUAL cut-in PSI of the switch (theoretically 38 PSI, but verify actual cut-in pressure).

The regulator after the pump may be a cycle-stop valve.
They minimize pump cycling and keep the pressure near maximum until usage stops. Nice to have on a well system; if that's not what the regulator is, you might want to sell your boss on one.

The check valve in the new pump is sufficient; you don't need another one.

Re: Is it a bad idea to re-use the 1" black plastic pipe? - Is this the pipe in the well itself? This is the pipe the pump hangs on, and a failure would be a (possible) blemish on you, not to mention poly pipe is cheap - I'd just replace it. I wouldn't worry too much about reusing black poly in the ground.

10' from the bottom of the well sounds good; I'd verify actually well depth with a weight and rope and then place the pump accordingl;y.

Other considerations:
Get a 3-wire pump. This places the starter controls above ground so a simple starter or capacitor failure is easy to repair. Go with a name brand pump.

Tie a polyethylene safety rope to the pump and tie it off to the top of the wellhead; lost pumps are a PIA and costly for pros to retrieve. A safety rope makes retrieval real easy.

Use torque arrestors on the pump; the twist from startup can eventually wear away wire or piping. the torque arrestor dampens the pump movement.

Use brass fittings to mate the poly hose to the pump and all connections; plastic fittings can age harden over time and break. Double SS clamp all connections.

You probably have looked into pitless adapters, no doubt. Rubber o-rings in pitless adapters can be lubricated with Crisco grease (acceptable by most state health depts.). Current codes require wells to extend above ground so surface water doesn't contaminate them. Have extra hands around when you go to drop the pump and piping into the well - things can get exciting!

Hope this helps.
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