Septic extension


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Septic extension

I have a lower lying lot, compared to my neighbors, and when it rains heavily I get a lot of surface runoff in my yard. The water table is very high and the soil where the drainage field is will get saturated with water. After a heavy rain I've noticed that effluent will surface in the grass where the septic drainage field is (it is a little bit of clear liquid with effluent odor)
I have decided to run an interceptor ditch/swale where my property line is to divert the rainwater away from the house and drainage field.
Now, I was also advised to excavate a 8'x10'x5' hole where the drainage field ends and fill it with large rocks and cover it with landscaping fabric and soil, in order to catch effluent in heavy rains.
Before I do anything I want to run these ideas by the forum and get your opinions and suggestions.
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You need to ask your local government septic tank man what to do. I'm serious. I think this is the most practical approach. He (or a predecessor) approved what you have now and what he approved isn't working. I think that's the approach you should take when you bring it to him (or them). Since he (or they) screwed it up, then they need to think up a solution. If they want o put it back on you, refuse. If they say you need to hire an engineer, you ask "So you can approve another loser?" You may have to be stubborn with them.

Typically, you would have to make a new elevated drainfield which would mean a pump to get the effluent from the septic tank high enough. After the gras grew over it, there would be a mound in your backyard and you could landscape it nicely.

You aren't supposed to touch the system without a permit and that would mean seeing the man, so rather than you going off half-cocked and spending a bunch of money, sitting down and having a frank discussion with the man would be preferable to having to do things over again his way.

It's a shame you can't get you lot as high as your neighbors, but even if you brought in fill, you would have to dig up and raise the level of your septic tank and drainfield.
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