I need a small water pump...


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I need a small water pump...

This is a water pump/sump pump question. I have catch pans underneath two large tanks I use for water retention. In the summer they sweat quite a bit. The catch pans do have drains but I'd like to drain out the water before the volume even reaches the drains. It's be great if I had a small 120 volt water pump that would activate either on a timer or via a sensor closing a circuit and then I could pump this water to a nearby drain. It would have to tolerate running dry for a short period I'd imagine. If I could do this I'd essentially have two big dehumidifiers in my crawlspace instead of two big pans of stagnant water. Any wild ideas? Thanks so much for any advice. JJ
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If your water drips from the tanks into a pan it is not clear where you would put a condensate pump.
Any pump can only draw down to the bottom of its inlet which would still leave some water in the bottom.
I can't see a pump being a solution to your problem

I will assume that the tanks are resting on the pans preventing tilting them.

The best solution would be to insulate them to eliminate the dripping entirely.
In order to block out moisture from passing through the insulation you would need one with a vapor barrier.
1" foil backed insulation is used in commercial situations but is fairly expensive.

The simplest option is to occasionally wet vac the trays, wash them and put in disinfectant to prevent mold and bacteria build up.
Make sure you don't use a corrosive disinfectant like bleach or you could eat out the tray.
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Hey GregH thanks for reply.
I do have my water retention tanks somewhat elevated on concrete pavers such that I am able to bend the catch pans some. I'm thinking I may be able to use a dehumidifier pump to get most of the water out. Your ideas of wet vacuuming and preventing mold are good. Insulating the tanks I'm afraid would just pass the problem to my filter tanks. I have insulated them in the past, but when I have to work on them it's more trouble than it is worth. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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