pressure tank never reaches shut off pressure


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pressure tank never reaches shut off pressure

hi folks
here is my problem
my pressure tank never reaches shut off pressure
i have a brand new 1/2 hp deep well pump at 100 feet
i have a brand new 42 gallon pressure tank with bladder( set at 18 lbs)
i have a brand new pressure regulator (20/40)
i have a brand new check valve (pointing the right way)
when i unhook the pump from the tank it will pump forever, but when i hook it up to the pressure tank it reaches 22 lbs and just stays there the pump won't shut off
in the house the water seems to have a lot of air in it and once in a while spits an air water mixture
my theory is that somehow air is getting in the tank and stopping the water from entering but can't figure out where it comes from
thanx for looking
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Your rpoblem isn't the pressure tank. Your problem is the pump isn't able to pump above 22 psi.

Your pump is set at 100 feet deep.
What is the well depth?
What is the free water level below the surface?
Where is the check valve located?
What pump model do you have (thinking of what are the pumping and lift specs.)?

Thought experiment: If the pressure tank were taken out of the system, the pump should quickly reach the shutoff pressure. If water was being used, the pump should deliver water and quickly cycle between on/off/on/off, etc. With the storage tank put back into the system, the cycle time between on/off/on gets lengthened because of the storage capacity of the tank.

But, your not reaching shutoff - that is a pump/delivery issue, not a tank issue. Do you have leaks in the plumbing between the pump and the tank/house? These could be at the pump (underwater). Or at the pitless adapter. Or underground. Or is the pump incapable of lifting the water the total height within the well and then adding 40 psi to put it into the tank?
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more info

my well is 135 feet deep
the water in my well is 60 feet below ground
i don't know what 22 lbs of pressure feels like but i can't hold my hand over the end of the well pipe when it is pumping
my check valve is at the pressure tank
pump is a red jacket 2 wire grizzly 50c2111g8
i replaced all the pipe when i changed the pump
sept 06
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