Tank never reaches shut off pressure


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Tank never reaches shut off pressure

I have a shallow well (15 ft sand point) and jet pump (1/2 hp). The pump has worked fine in the past, but hasn't run properly since I hooked it up in the spring.

The pump runs continuously, but the tank pressure never exceeds about 24psi.

I have a pressure gauge on the output pipe of the tank which is what I'm reading. I also have a valve here which I can shut off to eliminate any leaks between the tank and my cabin.

The pump is able to draw water without problems. I can run water for hours if I want, but the pump will have to run the whole time.

I thought the pump might be going bad or perhaps there's something in there jamming it up? I put a new pump on and had the same problem.

There has been some sand coming through the system. When I took the old pump off, there was about a teaspoon of it in the pipes/pump there.

I have drained the tank and recharged it. I don't believe it to be water logged, but even if it was I would expect different symptoms.

I don't have a foot valve, but do have a check valve near the pump. It is either going bad or perhaps the sand has gotten into the seat and prevented the thing from sealing correctly. After the pump shuts off I sometimes lose pressure right away, sometimes in about 30 minutes, but I always lose it.

There don't appear to be any leaks around the tank or plumbing so I think the water is gong back into the well.

All that being said, I'm a novice at dealing with pumps and wells so I'm open to any advice you have.
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Two key things in your post: 1. It will pump. But 2. It won't reach 24 psi.

And it won't even reach 24 psi if no water is turned on?, and it will just keep running the well and never shut off even with no water being used?

It doesn't sound like the well went dry because then it should be spitting out air and water. You say it pumps water.

If you had a clog and you are pumping water (as you say it does), it should eventually get up to set pressure and shut off.

It sounds to me like there is either a worn part, that is not allowing there to be any push behind the delivery, or possibly a hole in your drawing pipe somewhere, causing water to instead just get pumped in circles.

Make sure though that you really do indeed have poor pressure and the gauge is not simply faulty in combination with pressure points being set higher than what the pump is capable of handling.
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Abandoned provided site as the effect is not coming up on the screen.

I found a site that shows an animated visual of the jet pump in action where 3/4 of the water flow is sent back down one pipe into the well, curves around and enters a venturi and by doing this, it causes additional water to be drawn from the well. (This is what causes it to draw) One can specualte how any disruption in this process could cause water not to draw as well.

At first, I thought that a simple blockage at the bottom should not cause your problem. But my thinking might be more applicable to a submersible pump. With a jet pump it appears that any disruption in the operation might cause your symptom of having water but not enough pressure behind it. I don't have the knowledge to advise any further on how one could test any specific component in order to rule certain things out. Maybe someone else can. In case someone else doesn't, here - you might call up someone who sells these to ask them. You could even get lucky by asking someone at a home center where they sell these (ask for the plumbing dept.), if you were afraid calling up a plumbing or well outfit might try to come out and charge you/sell you new unit without entirely finding out the problem first.
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