Water Problem no one can solve!

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Water Problem no one can solve!


I'm new here. If you can solve this, you are amazing because the water people are stumped. I have no idea what to do.

I have a drilled artisan well 3 years new and a water softener put it in at about the same time due to high iron in the water. Softener worked great, great tasting water, no problems until last Sunday.

All of sudden I had low water pressure in one faucet and foamy bubbly water in all of them. It tasted fine but looked like selzter water coming out of the tap.

I called the company who installed the softener and they came out Wednesday and checked everything. They bypassed the softener and the problem persisted. They checked everything (they said) aside from pulling the well pump out of the ground. They suggested if it didn't go away to get a water kit and test it. I have the kit but obviously can't do anything till Wednesday.

Now the water tastes bad too. It's a bitter metallic taste. All faucets including the tub are running foamy water that clears in a little bit in the glass. Sometimes it feels slippery if that makes any sense.

The sink where there is low pressure - I cleaned the aerator, that didn't help. There is another bathroom that follows that piping from the low pressure sink. The pressure in there is fine.

This started on a day when I was heavy cleaning and running a lot of water.

When the water folks came out they seemed to think it was air in the system, but they couldn't figure out where. If that's causing the bubbly foamy water...why does it taste bad?

Does anyone have any ideas? Until I get the water test back, I dont' know what to do.

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Check the simple before the sublime.
If you are familiar with how your system works, Ask yourself where the air can possibly come from. It could be a leak in the drop pipe, and yes pulling the pump would be necessary. Your well could be drying up, due to some unknown anomily in the earth and water table. But before you go crazy, check the simple stuff. Do you have a pressure tank? a ruptured diaphram will certainly let air in to the system. Does the pump cycle more often, or "Rapid cycle" while using the water?
Dont panic just yet.
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My opinion of water softening company people is so low that I really can't politely comment when you say you have a problem that "No one can solve" and all you have asked is the water softening company people.

If you can't figure out where the air is coming from, you may have to get a real "well man" out there. Good ones are hard to find.

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Water Problem no one can solve!

Your problem is that your pump is sucking air! Possibly from a low well yield, The well isn't supplying enough water for the demand. The well may be running out of water.

The metallic smell could be coming from metal particles coming from the pump being damaged from lack of water. It could also be from the water cascading down the walls of the well due to the low yield.

You probably need to have a QUALIFIED well driller check the well for flow!

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