septic suspicions


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septic suspicions

My toilet is slow flowing (posted in plumbing too). Just plunging it does nothing. Will try the auger before a plumber. Not being familiar with septic systems, do you think driving over the leach fields (fence contractor and his bobcat) could damage the lines, thus not be able to leach properly, then back up (the toilet flow)? There is no back up in the tub, sink or wash machine line, although the wash machine drain line stinks, which leads me to believe the there is a back up of (some kind of water) that is sitting in the lines.

I'm just a girl (poor excuse) new owner of a little house, circa 1954. Septic is a whole new ball game for me. If I had a picture in my head of how the plumbing lines ran, I could logically think this through, but I dont have perspective as to how the wash machine line/ the kithcen sink-dw lines/ and the toilet-tub lines flow to the septic. If one line is flowing, and another isnt, it seems there would be multiple lines to the septic. Now I am relly baffled as to the series of events that could lead to back ups...might something god-awful happen with the septic soon, ie: sewer into my bath tub??
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Slow down for a moment and take a breather......

There are three potential areas which may be causing your problem.
1. There may be something clogged in the piping in the house or the sewer line leading to the septic tank.
2. The septic tank itself may be full and not letting any of the effluent(water) leave the septic tank and discharge to the leachfields.
3. The leachfields themselves are not able to receive any of the effluent(water) from the septic tank.

The first thing I would do is to open up the concrete cover on your septic tank. BE CAREFUL! Sewage gasses are harmful. The tank is most likely under that raised area. I would say that the lid which is closer to the house is the inlet side of the tank. Under that lid, you should see floating scum, water, etc. You should also see an inlet pipe...this is the pipe coming from the house. You need two people for this.....have one person stay at the tank,then one go in the house... then one by one, flush the toilet, use the sink,etc, to see if the sewage is actually making it's way into the tank. If all of the fixtures flow in, then your problem is not in the inlet piping. It then may be the tank or the fields.

Try this first and post back.
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