Sump Pump Exit Pipe


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Sump Pump Exit Pipe

I am going to install a sump pump in my basement, which has never had one before. I am going to have to run the exit pipe straight up about 9 feet before it can exit the house.

Is this long distance bad, or is it normal? Will it cause the pump to be less efficient?
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[I also posted another question here: if anyone can help with that. I'm still learning my way around this great website]
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Have you already purchased a pump?

In the manual , there will be a spec for "Headroom" or "LIFT".
Provided the pump is capable of delivering the 9 feet you need, No problem. They work best with ground level discharge, and the shortest length possible, But that is almost never do-able, since the area that needs pumping is always below level.

Does it matter where we put the pump?
Please realize that the water will fill the lowest point before traveling......Your furnace and washer may be dry, but your going to have a huge puddle on the other end of the house, before your pump will do anything useful.
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The fact that you are getting water in a basement without a sump should be saying something to you. Maybe your money would be better spent on excavation rather than a pump.

Or don't dry basements bring a premium on resale anymore?

I know when I was a kid and I lived up north, my father wouldn't even look a a house if it had a raised septic system or a damp basement. "Too low!", he said.

If you have water coming in from the high side of the house, maybe some french drains and sloping the ground away from the house would be better.

Just a thought.
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