Sump Pump in Crawl Space


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Question Sump Pump in Crawl Space

Looking for some info here. I bought this house about 4 months ago. We have had a period of heavy rain & snow lately and about 3 weeks ago I looked into my crawl space and there was standing water. The previous owner had installed a sump pump by digging a hole and putting a large plastic bucket (with holes drilled in the side and bottom) down into this hole. But the pump wasn't working. I went and bought a Rigid 1hp sump pump with a "water sense" switch (no float involved). I also installed a larger, deeper pump pit. I have the pit about 16" deep into the ground. The pump comes on when there is 8" of water in the pit and shuts off at 2". It seems to be working OK and my crawl space is gradually drying out. My question is should I install the pit deeper than this, say 20"-24" or will it be OK at 16"?
Thanks for any help!
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Your first concern should be to try to eliminate or reduce the water getting in there.
Look for improper grading around the perimeter of your house or downspouts dumping too close to the foundation.

As far as a more permanent solution for the sump pump you could consider digging a couple of trenches in the crawlspace and laying mesh coated weeping tile emptying into a small sump tank for this purpose.

You will find that a pail with holes will acumulate dirt and eventually damage the pump.
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I have added 4'-6'downspout extentions to all the downspouts. They were dumping the water right at the foundation. I still have some grading to do but right now it's just way to wet. Hopefully this will take care of most of the problem
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"Sorta seems like throwing a Ceiling fan into the ocean huh ".

If this is run-off that puddles up in the low spots, then sump pumps are great. If this is a problem with rising water tables, Youre in a bit of a spot.

You cant get rid of it if there is no where to send it...In Theory ,...Putting it back in the ground just sends it back to where you were trying to eliminate it.

I suspect "LONG-Term" solutions are needed here. Landscaping , grading and trenching. Anything you can do to "RE-DIRECT" the water will be of some help.

My 42 inch crawlspace was 38 inches of water for 5 days, both pumps running continuously, plus another 2 that I had borrowed, and it barely made a dent. Day 6 ..was like nothing ever happened.
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Sump Pump in Crawl Space

If you do re-install the sump deeper, over dig under and on the sides. Put 6" of coarse sand and pea rock in the bottom, and then install the sump pit. Fill around the pit with the same coarse sand and pea rock mixture. - This will increase the amount of water you can get out and prevent getting too much silt, mud & debris in the sump.

A little debris is no real problem since it usually gets pumped out if you have a reasonable amount of water to pump out and your pump intake is low.

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