Well pump turns on/off but not at press. switch


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Well pump turns on/off but not at press. switch

I just turned on a well pump for the first time in over a year. It pumps, but stops running after 10 seconds or so. It's NOT turning off at the pressure switch, it's the actual pump that keeps truning off. Someone said the intake may be clogged, Is that possible? It has flooded in the area since it was last run.

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Need more info
Is this a jet pump? Shallow well?
What kind of storage tank?
Does it have a pressure guage?
If it has been s just sitting there for a while, it could have lost its prime, but I dont think that would make the pump shut off. I dont think a clogged intake jet would cause that either. Maybe the "Pumpman" can figure this one out?
The more info you can give us, the better we can help you.
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if it is a down hole pump it will need to come out and a new motor will probably be called for, it sounds like the temp switch is out. if it is a jet pump check for impeller stuck or motor bearing locked up. can you tell us about the system so we can give you more help.

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there have been a lot of assumptions here. i agree that it is probably a submersible pump. if it runs and delivers water for about 10 seconds and then trips out on an overload, it is not a bad motor. a motor will either run or it won't. a defective motor will not run for a few seconds and then trip an overload. it would immediately pull locked rotor amps and trip the overload within a few seconds, if it didn't trip a breaker or fuse first. i would guess that this is a 3 wire motor with a bad start relay in the control box. if the relay does not pull the start winding out of ciruit it will trip the overload after pumping for a few seconds. since you didn't say that you re-set anything, it would have to be an automatic re-setting overload. if you have an ampmeter, put it on the yellow wire and watch the amp draw when you first turn the pump on. the amp draw will be dependant on what size pump you have. if you have a 1.5 hp pump, the amp draw on the yellow wire should be 12.5 amps. if the relay is bad, you would see somewhere around 25 amps. if the motor was bad, you would see about 40 amps.
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