Where is the water coming from?


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Where is the water coming from?

We bought a house in Indiana in Feb. When we bought the house there were no problems and no water in the sump pit. The first week of March we got a day or two of rain and our 2 sump pumps have not shut off since. We have had our inspector back out, and several other people to look at it and everyone is stumped. We have a massive amount of water running in to our sump pit all the time. It pumps it out to a swail in our backyard, then through a drainage pipe to the storm drain and out to the center of the neighborhood's retention pond. Here is everything we have investigated so far. Water company came out to see if the water coming out had floride or chlorine. No, so we ruled out a water leak. We had the city come put dye in the storm drain to see if we were recycling that water. No, the dyed water never came back through our sump. We had the county surveyor out to see if he had any theories, he thought maybe a field tile that was not rerouted when the house was built, but then said probably not because the swail is between our house and the field. He then came to the same old theory high water table or spring. None of our neighbors have this issue so those seem a little off to us. This water is coming from somewhere, something is feeding it and we cannot solve the problem. We just had a baby, bought this 15 year old house as our "live in until kids are raised and gone house"

In the last few weeks Indiana got pounded with an enormous amount of rain. We, along with several neighbors did have our basements flood. However, the difference is our neighbors are dried out and begining to rebuild while we cannot keep the water from coming into our sump pit. Currently we have both our sumps running, plus an industrial sized pump hooked up to a two inch hose draining to the storm drain. If we take the "temporary" industrial sized pump out for even a minute or two, we are flooding again! Please help we are so upset and unable to enjoy our new home because of this. I might add also that this house was foreclosed on therefore no disclosures had to be made, but like I said when we bought it there was no water in the pit.
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It's easy to dtermine if YOU have a leak and you did that, and ruled that out.

So that leaves surrounding land/natural flow of underground water (my parents have that and have to keep pumping out basement for weeks due to the hills up to the north) - or-

One of your neighbors has the leak, and it is coming your way.

Most likely due to the rain and fact the neighbors flooded also, it is probably the lay of the land that is causing this, like my folks. By lay of the land, I mean the surrouding area for say a 1/2 mile or more, even. There must have been good reason why they built the place with 2 sump pits.
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