3rd septic pump in 2.3 years

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3rd septic pump in 2.3 years

My home is 2.5 years old and we are now on our 3rd septic system pump (Gould; 1/3 horse power). The builders subcontractors for septic system & electrical cannot determine the cause. Both have analyzed -looked carefully.

The builder now wants to walk away, saying the 2 year warranty is expired & it's my problem. Any ideas about the cause, the solution or the warranty issues would be welcome.
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HI, A pump a year is not a good. Is the voltage for the system on a breaker by it self? Low voltage is a killer for the small septic pumps. Or any pump for that matter. Is there sand leaking in the pump tank? Depending on the system you have there may/should be a filter right before the pump tank,or on the inlet side of the pump tank.
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Has anyone sent the failed pumps back to Goulds or a knowledgeable and reputable electrical motor repair shop to determine why the pumps failed ?

If the pump does not get almost perfect and constant electrical voltage, it will kill the pump.

If the floats aren't set correctly, the pump could be short cycling.

Is the pump the correct one for your application? Meaning is it inside of the manufacturers pump curve ?

Also, here's what I've seen if any of the above doesn't apply:

If the person who installed it didn't put in a weep hole and check valve(or at least a check valve), then everytime the pump shuts off, liquid will flow backwards from the leachfields, which will then spin the pump backwards. As the pump is spinning backwards, if it then powers up and tries to pump, the least worst thing that can happen is that over time, it will cook the windings in the electric motor part of the pump because of the tremendous start up load. The worst thing that will happen is that it will shear off the main shaft and/or impeller.
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And obviously, the further uphill you are pumping will effect the operation of the pump. If there is no weep hole, and check valve as required, there is a lot of head pressure against the pump on start-up.

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