Water gushing into Sump Pump for 3 days after rain, pump working non stop.


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Water gushing into Sump Pump for 3 days after rain, pump working non stop.

My sump has been working non stop for over 3 days now. All this started when we had heavy rain a few days ago, and the weather has been dry for 3 days but the pump is still on - There is a heavy gushing of water coming through a small pipe next to the pump. We tried shutting the pump off but the water level immediately rose and flooded the basement. I am first time home owner with no knowledge about these things. Can someone please tell me what to do. Very urgent. Thanks so much in advance for your help! Please! I don't know where the water is coming from, but its just gushing non stop. My house in on a lower elevation with lots of small hills around. I don't have money for a complete excavation project. So can some advice me on where the water could possibly be flowing from and what I can do to stop it. PLEASE. I am really worried. Thanks so much!
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Water gushing into Sump Pump for 3 days after rain, pump working non stop.

Does the pump ever shut off momentarily?

Where are you pumping the water to? Is it well away from the house?

Can you see how much is actually being dischaged?

It sounds like your drain tile system is collecting the water properly, but here is more water in the soil than normal.

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It sounds like your sump pump is just recycling rather than pumping out the water.

That means... the water it manages to pump out is coming back into the pit somehow.

That can happens for a number of reasons. You should check each possibility. Here are some of them:

- Faulty check valve. It is not keeping the pumped water out.

- Frozen discharge line. If it is too cold where you live, the discharge line might be clogged with ice.

- Discharge lines that pouring the water too close to the foundation walls. In that case you should extend your downspouts a few feet away from the foundation.

If none of these work, have a waterproofing contractors inspect the pump and the place.
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To deal with the immediate situation: If there is enough room in the sump, you can buy another pump at Home Depot / Lowes. Discharge it through a big (3/4") garden hose to a point far from your house. Power it from a circuit different from the one powering the existing pump so you don't accidentally trip the breaker.

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