Making my own artisian well

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Making my own artisian well

Hi all

Okay i bought this house and in the backyard, below ground surface ,we have running water, like a spring.
I have never heard this stop.

So from the back yard it comes down into a pipe, that leads across underneath my driveway into the street sewer.

I am looking for ideas on how i can dig a hole myself and stick some sort of barrels to hold the water in so i can setup a pump to pump this water into my basement sink to use.

I have not tested the water yet,that is in the works, but in the meantime , can someone help me on what exactly i can use to make this happen,

Such as what type of barrels or whatever and from where can i buy it from.

Its too much water to keep in the well, it will always be running,
I will also Jig this up to use as washing my car or something.
Free water source in the back yard.

Who knows,maybe after its tested as drinking water, i will start bottling up water and selling it.

Anyways guys/girls. Let me know your thoughts.

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Why would you want to screw with all this, assuming you have a good source of water (municipal?) already?

Water is cheap, and it seems like it would take forever to make up any savings when you figure in the cost of a pump, other materials, installation and maintenance time.

Also, I think surface water like that can be potable today and bad tomorrow, so testing isn't going to be of much help. I'm guessing you live in a populated area, so it is hard to tell what could be in that water from day to day. But I'm not an expert in any of this so I could be wrong.
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use the water for any thing but drinking, drinking shallow ground water is a good way to get giardia or salmonela, not to mention the chances of pesticides, feces runnoff, oil or antifreeze from leaks or simply people dumping, as far as catching some i would use a plastic 55 gallon drum or two hooked together. new ones cost around 100 here.

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Making my own artisian well

You probably do not have an arestian well, but just a surface spring or discharge by gravity. These are variable in terms of quantity and quality. Pollution of the water on a short term basis is very probable.

A real artesian well is under pressure. When you drill a well into an aquifer that may be several hundred feet deep, the water will be forced up by the pressure of the soil and rock above. A typical artesian well will have cold water that is the average annual temperature of the area it is location in and the water will be many, many years old after having been filtered through many layers of soil. Around here an artesian well may be 400' deep and the pumping height is less. The water enters the aquifer (a large saucer) at the edges about 100 miles apart and the water takes 100 years of more to be filtered and get to the center where it can be pumped.
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I am going to have to agree with "Concretemasonry" It sound like you have a natural, run off drain, that happens to come to the top of the ground in your yard.

Using it for washing the car or maybe watering the yard, but drinking it. I don't think that would be a good idea.

For it to be a spring, it does not have to be deep. We have some around here that flow in the rainy season, that are no more than 65 to 70 feet deep. They barely seep out the top of the well, but it flows.
It is almost imposable to drink. It is some nasty stuff.


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