Replacing sump pump...

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Replacing sump pump...

I have a finished basement that was actually finished twice. We got flooded back in September, not due to the sump, but the sewage. I really hate to replace 'ole faithful' because it ran for 5 hours non stop and is currently working now. lol. But sooner or later, its gonna go.

So I want to replace the old pump/plumbing and whilst doing my research, I have a few questions.

First, my current configuration.. the pumps plumbing comes out of the pit, roughly 3 inches above the lid, makes a 90 bend and runs horizontal-ish to the wall. Then another 90 to go vertical about 6 feet. Then to the check valve, then a small length of pipe and another 90 out (through the foundation ), & finally about 3 feet away from the outside. I have it extended even further so not to come back into the tile and in extreme circumstances with heavy rain.. even further than that.

Question 1.. why is the check valve that high up? It really seems to defeat the purpose of having it that high up. But when I redo the plumbing and place it lower, can the water left in the pvc freeze? Do I really need a check valve? The pit fills up pretty quickly durring heavy rains and usually the pump runs for a day or two after the rain. And currently, I had to remove the bad CV.. the flapper thingy broke off, so I'm currently running without. The excess that runs back after discharge isn't enough to trip the pump. Extreme cases, the pump will discharge and within a minute or so will discharge again.

2.. I've seen stuff online that after you make the run through the house to the outside, they put another 90 (to go vertical down), run a foot or so of pipe, then make another 90 to go back horizontal. Whats the purpose of that?

3.. Some sites say you need a weep hole above the pump and below the check valve, but within the pit to prevent air lock. Then I see sites that say its not necessary. Are there any schools of thought on this? Or is it dependent on the brand of pump?

4.. Whats the best pump for the buck? Surely I don't want to skimp on that so I'm sure some have their likes and dislikes. Also, I want a battery backup. I know they have pumps (ace in the hole) that you put in your pit in conjuction with your existing pump, but I don't think I have enough room for 2 pumps. Is there a single pump that is also ran on battery backup on power failure?
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Sump Pump

1: The check is in the wrong place, should be near the discharge of the pump. You do need a check, it keep the water in the line from counter rotating the pump, that causes wear and tear. A pump line should go up only to the point where it can be drained by gravity. If you run it the way I say there will be very little left in the line, if you are in a basement it shouldn't get cold enough to freeze.

2: Running two ells on the discharge is probably to get the line closer to the ground; you don't want someone walking by the line when it kicks on, no fun.

3:Some pumps require the weep hole, some have it built into the pump, thats another way to keep the wear off the pump.

I won't choose a brand, but I would recommend a submersible
as far as a combination battery-electric pump I don't know, you will have to google it. Luck.

BTW you should put a full port valve above your check for service.

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